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  1. http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1845291182/qid%3D1127347417/026-2585647-9590007 "My body has been described as a monument of fat. That's how people think of me, it's my defining characteristic."
  2. My Japanese is not good enough to use effectively at work. So it's mostly English.
  3. 必 勝 I think I've got them right. The pols are wearing them now and you often see them, is it like a "gambaru" meaning? I know the 2nd kanji is "win", right?
  4. The man is a complete dickhead. Basically. I'm sure there's more to him in reality, but when he hits the news with his outbursts thats the impression he gives.
  5. July = fumidzuki? August = Hadzuki? My calendar has these hiragana about the kanji for July and August. Whats that all about then?
  6. Had to think about that too Crept into the 31-35 category!
  7. I don't think honor has any part of it. Stupidity and selfishness perhaps.
  8. I bet you'd like Timo Maas, veronica. New stuff sounds really good.
  9. I've decided to work a bit through summer and get paid more and taking some time off in September.
  10. Do you take requests cheeseman? I have sent you a pm.
  11. Taka really seems pissed off, doesn't he. The Wide shows are having a field day they sure like stories like this to go mad about.
  12. I've been finding it very slow this last week, sometimes I can't get in.
  13. You can wear flip-flops with a suit.
  14. I'd have yanked her away as quick if not quicker than you did.
  15. I think Puffy are truly pants and produce cringeworthy pap. As for good-looking - I see many better looking ladies walking round my office and in town every day.
  16. This morning, that was a mag 5.4 actually off the coast of Chiba.
  17. I am proudly keitai-free. I recommend it.
  18. Question. Can you not get "Kobe beef" anywhere else even if you had the cash and wanted it. Surely there are some kobe beef restaurants out of Kobe?
  19. The 2 I've been listening to the last week or so are Groove Armada best of, Basement Jaxx best of.
  20. haha thanks for that there. I quite like CSI, it's well made and usually interesting stories. (It's popular as well, so you're sure to get people panning it....)
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