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  1. I had a good season. Found some decent places in Gifu and took a few trips up to Nagano too. (I live in northenr Mie-ken). Too bad the snow has gone now. Only another 4-5 months before we can start getting excited about it all again.
  2. I was down in Kyushu last July. It was steaming. Think Tokyo or Kansai is bad? Try it down there for the real oven feeling.
  3. I have been close to Rossignol (skis) and Burton (boards) since I took it up, ooh, 8 years ago. Anyone else have personal faves?
  4. > about you guys before. I wish I had known about this place 4 months ago. Great to see a community like this goin on. Debbie from London (Basildon actually) <;o;>
  5. Hi, debbie from Basildon here. I'm a skier and a boarder - love em both. Recently boarding more than skiing tho.
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