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  1. Brought up in Akita and so from early age taken by parents.
  2. I went just before it closed. It was too expensive but glad I went the once. An interesting experience.
  3. I am going to Takasu area of Gifu for 1 week in January. Also back to home area in Akita over New Year so probably Tazawako.
  4. That sounds good. I love tempura too, good at making it. Sweet potato, onion and carrot one.
  5. I was surprised to hear about that snow. Good to know some still around.
  6. Myoko must be happy, even though the skijo are still quite a long way from the station, unlike Yuzawa for example.
  7. I went there once or twice before closing. I enjoyed that area actually. But it was never near busy when I was there.
  8. I am surprised Kandatsu not more Gala Yuzawa: 5 Ishiuchi Maruyama: 5 Iwappara: 5 Joetsu Kokusai: 4 Kagura: 13 Maiko Snow Resort: 7 Mt Granview: 6 Muikamachi Hakkaisan: 7 Naeba: 9 (+) NASPA Ski Garden: 4 (-) Yuzawa Kogen: 5 NASPA is skier-only, and so I can't go there!
  9. Hello I wonder, how do you call your mother - Mother, Mum or something else? Perhaps even her name? Maybe different in different country, or just personal preference? Thank you!
  10. I hope there is a link thus year after the hot one was having.
  11. A season ticket I think. I might be in the snow all season Maybe don't say name yet in case it does not happen.
  12. I'm sorry but who is Phil the Green? I enjoyed it.
  13. Friend has holiday in 20th January for 8 days and coming up to Akita. So I will go also and skiing then. Probably Tazawako and Shizukuishi.
  14. I am probably over 20 minute. My hair is long and takes time and look after it. I like to take time and enjoy,
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