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  1. I have just 10 friends on Facebook. They're real friend though and there's no nonsense stuff there just a way to keep in touch. Some people are heavily dependent on it, not a good idea
  2. family duties here too, not much of anything really
  3. I wish I could describe drinks like that. I just can't! Good name that.
  4. I just got a ps3. Took me a while don't you think? They were going cheap with 4 games so I thought why not.
  5. "My Car" Me: This is my car Japanese person: Ah, my car. Me: No, that would be your car. Japanese person: Your car? No, my car. Me (pointing to their car): This is your car. Japanese person: No, this my car. etc Arrrggghh!
  6. Cheers for the report norcal. At least you got there this time hey?
  7. Looks like a blast of winter on the way. Let's hope it gives us some goodies and isn't the last.
  8. While I love your new logo etc, is there a way to get that welcome message on the right hand side gone? I don't need that on there all the time? Would be good if I could turn it off or something.
  9. So much easier to use while relaxing than sitting at a desk with a computer.
  10. OK so had this for over a week now then. I really like it. Feels good in the hand, great screen, pretty slick movements and no juttering. Feels fairly similar to the ipad I have tried for a short time. Still getting used to the OS but tons to download and explore. Like it.
  11. I got one of the Sony tablets over the weekend so I'll give some impressions later on.
  12. 0. Out of japan and not near snow. I'm going to be back though from September and have my eye on a few 5 day trips here and there. Can't wait. So sad to see what has happened in March.
  13. You seem to have such a fantastic natural (I presume) ability for composition of photos I'd say muikabochi. Must be great that, I am the opposite - hopeless at taking photos which isn't the biggest motivation to get a camera and try many times!
  14. Quote: The grandmother of baby Maisie told The Sun that social services had agreed to carry out the DNA test on the teenager at a reported cost of around £300. Chantelle Steadman, 15, has said Alfie is the father of her one-week-old daughter. The boy, who lives with his mother Nicola in Hailsham, East Sussex, pledged to take a test after two other boys claimed they had also slept with Chantelle. Chantelle's mother Penny told the paper: "Social services agreed to do (the test) for the sake of the children. "The sooner it's done the sooner Chantelle and Alfie can get on with being p
  15. THE girlfriend of Alfie Patten yesterday rubbished claims the 13-year-old did not father her baby, insisting: "There has been no one else." Tearful schoolgirl Chantelle Steadman hit out as TWO other youngsters bragged THEY could be the dads of newborn Maisie. Chantelle, 15, said as she was comforted by the pint-size schoolboy: "I love Alfie. I lost my virginity to him. We decided to start a physical relationship because we love each other. There has been no one else." Ah, sweet. Who needs DNA?
  16. Well they do look like monsters, so it's natural I suppose. Lets hope the trademark is able to continue for many more years.
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