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  1. Nice! sounds like a good friend. i'd keep them to myself!
  2. Why do people use those? Has anyone ever consistently found anything interesting?
  3. This one http://www.sapporobeer.jp/gokuzero/
  4. I think there was some problem with the labelling. It was either a happo-shu or "Number 3"
  5. Seen Threads, but not the other one. Will make sure I do.
  6. Wasn't he here last year? Some reports seem to be claiming it's his first visit to Japan since Da Beats.
  7. I used to really fancy that Rebecca lady who was in that. Not so now, still an entertaining thriller lite movie.
  8. Did he say 'that's the meat of it'? Hope it goes well. How's he doing today?
  9. Just on News Station about the rising cost of gas. Lower please!
  10. Very naive tactics there, embarrassing for the pool.
  11. Rumor that they might be recording again too. Lots of rumours. Hope the one involving a terminal illness isn't true.
  12. let's have an update shot of the beauty dog, Chriselle!
  13. If politicians here want to get some publicity, all they need to do is get on down to Yasunari (?) shrine. Instant national news.
  14. We aren't allowed to use aircon now, even though it was like summer today.
  15. Sounds good that. I had mindlessly boring meetings in a hot office. Seems that we can't have the aircon on, probably because it is October.
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