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  1. I think I'll always prefer the magic of them early ones.
  2. Thinking of getting one of above...any recommendations from anyone on here?
  3. We are seriously going to have to organise some riding weekends with people on this sight for next season, don't you think everyone?
  4. The England team seem to be in a bit of a mess. Is there any team that has all its strongest players OK still? European teams play too much.
  5. Understood miteyak. Apols for the possible "tone" of my earlier mail. 5 mill in Matsumoto is surely worth 8 mill plus in Tokyo. BTW Is Mr Ocean a computer specialist?
  6. I don't get a paper either but from what I've seen the Yomiuri seems better. Not impressed with either tho'
  7. Still not a very impressive line up: http://www.fujirockfestival.com/
  8. Japanese coverage of anything Japan is in sucks period. You shouldn't expect more.
  9. I have a good Japanese friend who lives just to the south of Nagano and he's the best snowboarder I know. He is awesome. Nickname "Shou-pi-kun" - anyone heard of him?
  10. miteyak 5 million not a great salary? And you spell "paid", as payed??? Tell me what number you're on
  11. Xbox games look cool. The size of the thing alone probably puts lots of Japanese off the idea. Our local CD/game/magazine shop has a demo Xbox next to the tiny Gamecube. The difference in size is almost laughable.
  12. Quickly getting lower as the warm weather - and wet weather today - takes its toll
  13. I wasnt blown away with Rusutsu when I was up there 2 seasons ago. Anyone tried out that Kiroro Snow World place to the north of Niseko?
  14. Scotland doesnt interest me at all from a winter sports p-o-v. Give me southern European places anyday. I have been a lot in France, Italy and Austria when I was younger.
  15. Electronic music rules! Had to be said.
  16. Cubie should quit at the end of this year. Raikkonen has just joined the team Cubey has been in for 7 years and is already out-performing (debatable) him. The new Flying Finn will surely be well ahead of DC by the second half of the season.
  17. Good for you Davo - can you let us in on your secret - I'd love to work there when the festivals on. Any good contacts? Cheers.
  18. Can you get by in Japan without speaking any Japanese? I am thinking of booking a holiday for next ski season to check out all of this amazing stuff I have been reading on this web sight. Looks incredible.
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