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  1. Where does "GALA" get it's name, anyone? Or "ARAI"? Thanks
  2. Hi all. In Yuzawa I really like Kagura area (not connecting to Naeba, but it's just too big), Kandatsu (good when not crowded) and GALA/Ishiuchi. Very easy - and quick - to get to from Tokyo.
  3. Just come back from Okutadami near Koide in Niigata. I live about 45 minute drive from the place in Ojiya, so it's kind of a local place for me. The weather today was sooooo warm - up to around 19 degrees even in the Koide area which is really warm. The resort wasnt of warm of course, but spring is really in its stride now. Summer will be with us very soon. Quite a lot of snow still around, fair condition considering the weather we have. Lots of people abandoning their winter wear - some people out there in tshirts and jeans.
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