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  1. Hello, I am from Toyama and wonder if any of you people come to Toyama.
  2. Yes smaller place but fun area and good resorts. For me I sometimes go in season
  3. Some of resort in Bandai area of Fukushima is quite good. I have friend there, and so sometimes go.
  4. Can someone tell me about the Australian snow season. When will it start? And how about in New Zealand? Is it good? It interesting that it is in different time from the Japan season.
  5. I am close to much snow, but not close to many big resorts. I must travel quite much for some bigger resorts.
  6. If I go somewhere that is not local here, I always stay at place
  7. It's strange I think. Did you taking offence?
  8. It's quite a famous resort in Gunma, like behind the Shige Kogen.
  9. They plan to open 14th Dec I think. It might be ok by then,
  10. See his new hair!? It was in Japanese newpaper also.
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