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  1. Is it problem that the doctor give medicine for illness? I don't understnad.
  2. Sanma is also kind of fish, not just talent.
  3. I like Starbucks. When I went before I had big white mugcup, but last week I went to one and they give me plastic/paper cut. Is it reason for this? I wanted mugcup but they said no of them.
  4. It should be cooler from now, this is late summer for Japan
  5. I worked for Mos Burger when study a few years ago. It was hard work, but ok. I really like Mos Burger. Do you like it?
  6. Mint sauce? It sounds interesting, I did not try it. Is it sweet?
  7. It is now September and from now weather will cooling down I think. Even though winter is still many month away, I am alsready making my thoughts about it! I hope to have great winter!
  8. I always say no very strictly. It is annoying me very much.
  9. I saw it sometime but not really like it, it did not seem natural just try to be fashion.
  10. You should be happy for no rainy season now.
  11. Where can I get the "melatonin"? (and what is it?!) thank you
  12. I don't use mine so much I think some people look stupid always playing with it.
  13. I have small k car now, but hoping to change later this year before shaken time.
  14. I can never sleep on airplane, even I try so hard. So I usually read or watch the movie or something. What do you do? If you can sleep on the plane - please tell me how!!
  15. Many of us did not learn to speaking English, only grammar and for test. Its a shameI think
  16. I think grey hair suit westerners hair more than black Japanese hair, sometimes looks real bad.
  17. 1 is find my true love 2 is forever happiness 3 is to not worry about money again
  18. I am doing aerobics class right now and trying to healthy eating diet and lost 3kg in May. I hope to do more this month before summer.
  19. I hope it is not problem, it sounds very strange of police to do it.
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