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  1. Mr Octopus. I would use something like Genie to do what you want. As you pointed out, stuff is often all over the place and not at all clear where it is. (For example all your emails in Outlook). If you use some software that does it for you, it will lessen the headaches.
  2. I'm going up there next week with a few friends. Hope it keeps semi decent.
  3. Love that stuff. Long may they continue making it.
  4. I think the latest ones are connected and do automatic updates... and you get something like up to 3 years updates.
  5. Why do you have 3 guns to shoot at tin cans, Chriselle?
  6. Interesting idea, but a rather dull second half and ending.
  7. What kind of sport? Was it the kind of 'sport' where you have fun killing creatures going about their business?
  8. Looks like it might have landed like a Harrier jet too, hovering and straight down from above.
  9. Good to see that. I wanted to go this season but the weekend I was planning on fell through. Not keen now, will wait until next year.
  10. It's not that much difference but PS4 does seem to be winning for the moment. Got one myself.
  11. I think my neighbourhood people ignore me with stuff like that, bit scary being a gaijin klingon. What a shame!
  12. Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion. Just, Madness. I really am becoming to hate Facebook and everything to do with it. I'm out.
  13. Just an example: Hakuba 47 今日はドピーカンと粉雪で最高のコンディションでした。明日は…。ちょっと新雪が欲しいところです! Was it really 'saiko' (the best) conditions yesterday? I'm guessing that in reality conditions could be considerably better than they were. If it were, why would they be wanting/needing new snow tomorrow? Tired of reading skijo post 最高のコンディション when it blatantly is not.
  14. Haha, I was thinking that. And it's Robocop, got to give it a chance.
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