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  1. Had some udon last night first time for a while. Nice.
  2. All being coy right up until tons of people continue with them. Best rid of them I reckon. These cheaper places are worth a look especially if they are piggybacking onto the docomo network etc.
  3. Driveclub on PS4 is looking tasty. Driving games wise, there's only Need for Speed from last year on there still? That's mad.
  4. Xbox One sold 23,562 units in its first week on the Japanese market following its launch in the region earlier this month — less than half of the number of Xbox 360 systems sold in Japan, Famitsu reports. The console's launch saw the lowest in sales of any system in recent years, placing it below both Wii U and PlayStation 4 sales during the first two days of their respective launches. By comparison, Wii U saw sales of 308,000 units during the first two days of its launch, while PS4 saw sales of 322,000. Xbox 360, on the other hand, sold 62,135 units in half the time it took for Xbox O
  5. Looks like you can buy that sim free version online and presumably you'll be able to use your current sim card from iphone 5, stick it in the new one and continue using. Presuming you have paid off the cost of the iphone 5 hardware, it will just continue. I think?
  6. Well, no. I won't be pre-ordering or even ordering as I am not changing my current phone. It would probably be better though if you weren't so utterly confident in every single you post - unfortunately, lots of the time what you post is flawed, just partly incorrect or simply totally incorrect.... as is the case here.
  7. Don't think they have them in London!
  8. You may well have read it. But it is incorrect.
  9. That would be interesting if it were not totally incorrect. No-one anywhere in the world is taking orders. Well not for the real thing anyway.
  10. Playable in around 19 hours from now! If you buy it as a download anyway.
  11. I never watch movies I want to see on a plane. The crappy screen and even crappier sound just make the best movies awful. I stick to the TV stuff.
  12. Destiny looks great but I'm going to wait on it a bit I think.
  13. oo, I had something like this (I think) once. The problem with mine was the touchpad. It suddenly seemed to go supersensitive and made the computer unusable, as you mentioned. If you go Mouse settings you might be able to turn that off. If you have one that is. Anyway it worked for me!
  14. PlayStation Network is currently experiencing mass outages for North American users, and the reason behind the downtime is a DDOS attack for which hacker group Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility. Sony says there haven’t been any personal details leaked in the attack, but the rolling outage persists in various locales, some ten hours or more after the attack began. What’s unusual about this attack is that it also includes a security threat against the plane in which Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley was traveling today. The plane was diverted to Phoenix and is currently hav
  15. I always take a red rose to the bath. Hope he got a good shag anyway after splashing all that cash on da vail.
  16. Damn that is a fine fine female bottom though. I can't concentrate.
  17. If he takes them out, is he just left with a face like a sieve?
  18. Some places normally well busy empty out for Obon which I like. U turn is not fun for people returning to the city this weekend though.
  19. Generally, they're a ticket arent they. Not always necessary. Always good to have a valid one.
  20. Yes, difficult to comprehend how so much money can translate into serious financial worries.
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