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  1. Busy learning now, but it seems futile until I am there and surrounded by Japanese people speaking it all day.
  2. Thats good to hear. Don't want to be too cold when I get to Japan next winter.
  3. Thanks for all the advice everyone. I have decided on the option that was open for me to be in Karuizawa, for a number of reasons. Looking forward to it.
  4. Hey, thanks for the responses people! I have 2 options available to me, one in Karuizawa and the other in Tokyo - so there are no real alternatives to that unfortunately. Will think it through. If anyone else has any thoughts, please let me know! Cheers
  5. Lots of Japanese girls look so cute, can't wait! Do they like snowboarding?
  6. I will be coming to Japan next September, and I have a choice to live in Karuizawa or a place in Tokyo. I am a snowboarding nut, but the Tokyo job seems like more fun (and more cash, tho not much more). I have never been to Japan before, so am just thinking about this - will it be worth it being so close to the slopes in winter do you reckon. (Not really interested in anything else apart from the boarding aspect of stuff). Thanks for any help. Cheers SS
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