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  1. BEAVERS!! More proof that beavers are scarier than sharks: A kayaker in Upstate New York was hospitalized after being attacked by a beaver in Irondequoit Creek last week. Michael Cavanaugh was knocked into the water when the beaver jumped out of the creek and started mauling him, biting him on his back and arm. "I heard my name called out from the shop and I ran out the door to see a guy getting pulled into the water," a trainer at BayCreek Paddling Center tells WHAM. "It was like watching a horror film." Cavanaugh was able to get to the dock, but the beaver wouldn't let go, so the t
  2. The World Cup might be on this year, but what's more important is the Premier League fixtures for 14/15. And they are announced today. This year, it WILL be our year! ^^^^^^^^^ Premier League fixtures: Man City face Newcastle in opener Premier League champions Manchester City will start their 2014-15 Premier League campaign at Newcastle. The opening weekend of 16 August also sees promoted Burnley face Chelsea. Louis van Gaal's Manchester United host Swansea and Ronald Koeman's Southampton visit Liverpool. Celtic's stadium is being used for the Commonwealth Games
  3. New season fixtures coming up later today. Time for a new thread, and here it is: http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/topic/24093-the-football-thread-2014-2015/
  4. Back to the 80's... some Heaven 17. Patchy albums but some good songs too.
  5. Quite a few places seem to have taken advantage of the tax increase to add a bit more on as well. And also show the prices without tax to make it look less. All I can say is pies will come on though and remind me how lucky we are.
  6. Yeah, I'll try to get quite a few games in. I may well prefer club football, but come on... it's footie. And hopefully some fine games too.
  7. Thanks. So difficult to know which is best with all the 'sponsored' best lists and all.
  8. I am fed up of my crappy backup drive and the fact that it's sat right next to me. So if there's a fire, it gets done too. So was looking into some of the cloud services there are now for backup. Anyone use any of these services? Well, one of the reputable ones anyway. Having a bit of trouble getting round sending stuff 'outside', not that there's much top secret stuff going on here.
  9. I didn't know about the accident he had a while back, sounds like he was lucky to come out of that.
  10. Hmmm sounds like it could work in a bizarre way that! Don't fancy that idea myself though.
  11. We should all be allowed to have time off work, I say.
  12. Bacon butties, one of the first things I have when back in England. Mum is well trained on having good stock ready for my gluttony.
  13. Do you use socks though Mr Wiggles?
  14. Probably bollocks but I wouldn't mind this at all: Liverpool reportedly leading race to sign Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas
  15. I reckon he'll be really good for United. Damn. You should have give Moyes more time. He was doing fine!
  16. Don't forget to cancel the sports pack on Sky folks. Well, if you only watch the footie anyway.
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