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  1. Mash ranges from very funny to rubbish. Like it when it's funny though.
  2. Also surprised that United sold Welbeck to Arsenal actually. Though it does sound like he put in a transfer request and wanted out. He wasn't going to get any time with who's coming in though was he.
  3. Kagawa back to Germany I see. He might get some games and refind the great form he had over there.
  4. Good point re: Everton. They don't seem to get much of a show on J Sports...
  5. Don't know how the prices compare but.... One thing to factor in is the fact that they'll be able to take 20% VAT tax off what they send from the UK to Japan. That probably makes up for the postage, sometimes more sometimes less.
  6. For UK stuff, I have found that things sent by normal mail come almost as fast as things that are sent by the fancier more expensive parcel worldwide whats-it's-face. Only a matter of a few days difference. Then again I don't know if there's some sort of limit to what you can send via the 'normal' way. Worth asking if you want someone to send something.
  7. Well, yes I suppose so if you aren't interested in movie channels and all the other stuff.... Just for the record, I pay 4320 yen a month at the moment (footie season!) and that includes the sports channels, Star movie channels and all of the channels that are included in the basic tv pack (loads of drama, bbc, documentaries etc). Pretty good value I reckon.
  8. Yes, it's 2400 yen a month for J Sports 1-4. They reckon 5 games a week. Obviously not all of them (!) but I don't usually have cause to complain on that. I watch via Hikari tv. Does this offer give you CL too?
  9. 4000 yen a month? I don't pay that, more like 2400 yen. I need to check. It sure isn't 4000 yen though.
  10. Well, I'm a bit rubbish at losing weight though trying to shift a few.
  11. My parents used to have a dribbly weedy shower where you could actually take the head off (hurray!), but half way down there was so e funky piece of plastic holding it all in place at around 1.2m height. Result, pretty goddam useless.
  12. Wonder if he grilled it. Tastes like chicken patently.
  13. Liverpool sign Mario! Not sure what to think of that. I hope he behaves!
  14. Maltesers Brought back a box full of small packets of the lovelies. Plans to make them last. It won't work.
  15. I noticed that too. There was a big queue, I decided to give that last sandwich and magazine a miss. Hate those things.
  16. Roundabout talk, yes, they can be pretty high tension scary these days back home. Perhaps just a lack of practice.
  17. All almost back to normal here for me too. Was fun, back to real life.
  18. Going over old ground here but I reckon it's a mix of Fergie being just an extraordinary manager, leaving behind a team with issues and further issues close to the surface. Whoever taking over would have had a huge job to do. Moyes was obviously way out of his league and not up to the job. The new guy obviously has lots of achievements and seems more suited, and I reckon he'll drag United back to being better. Not back to the top this year especially if they don't bring a few more good players in, but definitely start rebuilding. It might take a year or two but I don't think they'll b
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