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  1. Excellent. Cooler, very cool at night. Awesome. Gets better by the week now folks.
  2. Just out of interest. How much would you pay rent for a nice modern apartment/flat with a kitchen/living roon, bathroom, 3 bedrooms and garage in a decent area of Tokyo.
  3. Spiders. Saw it last night on AXN Channel. Painfully bad.
  4. This place has become like an "Any topic" board since the snow has died. Not complaining, quite interesting. My lady is another of the Beckham fans, she says she can't help it. He's just too kakkoi, but sweet at the same time
  5. You're not alone on that Mudguts. I hate them too. They are a sham. BUT, what is the best alternative....just go on until someone scores, rematch, etc etc? It's a difficult one.
  6. I dread to think. I think I'll put up with the image in my head.
  7. Quote: However, the media coverage is so sickeningly biased for Japan that it's easy for non-Japanese to secretly hope that the Japanese lose to save us from reporting that is even more Japan-centered. Oh how true that is.
  8. I was down there 2 nights ago - great time. Loads of people, many soccer fans. Good atmosphere. Lots of security folk, but no trouble that we saw.
  9. I like frogs too. They seem to be getting quieter now though which is a shame. The cicadas haven't started yet, which is something I'm not moaning about.
  10. Read this, it's funny: ==================== 'You might feel frightened by their big bodies...' Alarmed by television reports of hooliganism, the Japanese are dreading the arrival of English football fans for the World Cup. So the British embassy in Tokyo has issued a leaflet to local shopkeepers to avoid 'misunderstandings'. Jonathan Watts translates a few sections Tuesday May 28, 2002 The Guardian For starters: Many England fans will have saved up for months to pay for their trip to Japan. We feel sure that everyone in Japan will give them a warm welcome. To help
  11. Where do the best skiers/snowboarders train in Japan (when there's snow)? Anyone know?
  12. Anyone else here more than a little concerned about the India/Pakistan situation that seems to be developing. Kowai
  13. Hi Gamera Thanks posting that - will see if I can make it. bb
  14. http://www.atlasf1.com/bb/showthread.php?s=c0c3438e6a38142b8a0558c985ad8a31&threadid=41794
  15. Here's another one from the Atlas F1 board =============== I think Schumacher miscalculated how bad the PR would be for going by Rubens. When he finished the race, he pumped his fist in the air, and looked pleased! That is until he noticed the crowd was boooing him. That is how arrogant the guy is, he actually believed people would be happy for him winning, EVEN if it was gifted.
  16. Check this out. Says it all really. ==================== Q: Michael, what is this championship worth now? MS: I didn't know I am champion yet. Q: If you win this championship, Michael, what is this championship worth now? MS: I don't think that is a very nice question to ask now. Q: Isn't this a sport? Isn't this about motor racing? MS: (No comment) [...] Q: Michael. You said if you could reverse it you would. Are you then saying that if the FIA excluded both of you for bringing the sport into disrepute, you would not appeal? MS: Than
  17. Addictive? Yes. Fun and usefull? Sure. Bad for the social life? Going to have to keep it in check.
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