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  1. And in turn it looks like you have provoked cheeseman into action, O11
  2. I got done for speeding last week. Locally, so I couldn't use the wakaranai argument Got to pay 14,000 yen
  3. Wizz - I really don't like seeing that (the baby story). Apart from being dangersous, it's just sad.
  4. Looks like not many people sticking up for Tokyo here. Well, here goes. Tokyo is: - fun - sexy - expensive - noisy - did I say FUN! - dirty sometimes - tiring - fun
  5. Seems like no one has seen the one in Japan - or just not seen this post. Just bringing it back to peoples attention!...
  6. Hi rakins Of course you can start at 50. Got strong knees? Good... You should just go out there and enjoy yourself, but it's pretty much at the end of the season down where you are. Travel up a bit to Nagano and you will find "better" snow.
  7. Just saw an Nagano Olympic special on TV and looking at the toboggan run, was wondering where it was? And what do they do with those things out of season - take em down or what??? Anyone know? Thanks!
  8. Take a look at the Goryu camera image http://www.skijapanguide.com/2002/daily-reports/webcam/nagano/goryu.html
  9. Generally yeah, but I would prefer to live in a quieter and cheaper place. Tokyos great for fun, but it does get tiring!!
  10. I know we have a few more months of SSAWS, but after that - where is the best/biggest place for indoor summer ski fun?
  11. "Is this not the greatest, free-est and best country God made" Just said by an announcer on Fox News concerning his country. Can you believe that they can even think that let alone saying it without laughing??? Very sad.
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