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  1. Have some engineer friends at Shimano, they would "kaizen" till you die, thus the reputation of winning Le Tour 6 times with Lance. But seriousely, they really really like their sports, which is a good thing.
  2. Snurfer, There are some items remain on shelf this season, but most likely they will be gone next season. So if you are thinking about converting over, don't. I am getting a set of SI boots so that I have something to fall back on the following season (when my current boots break, that is).
  3. Burton decided to pull out - they could not get PSI to work. Shimano (also sold under K2) is still alive and kicking. Their rapid fire works well on clean surface, but takes a lot of getting used to in BC.
  4. Wonder if Pieps fixed their problem from last year. They could not sell the latest DSP Beacon due to interference with Nippon keikai frequencies. It keeps resets itself.
  5. All the carrier services including Kuroneko Yamato are located at either end of the arrival terminal (depends on Ter. 1 or 2) So, ask at information. But do bring: Your tokyo address/ph number, destination address/phone number. Money. If you send them in round trip, you can save some money. Better yet, just rent skis
  6. If this picks up Niseko economy a bit, then it would be a good thing. Down side may be the resort will be crowded. I may start exploring other places to eat my pow.
  7. Here is my 2~5 cents. Powder strict inbounds no rope ducking: Houdaigi Powder inside the resort but ducking ropes: Chise Just out side of the resort small hikes 30mins back to the resort: Niseko Hirafu Best place long 1 to 2 hour hikes: Sandanyama Fav resort close to home: Kagura
  8. I saw some adds in Niseko for English speaking ski/board instructors. I guess there are influx of people from Hong Kong and Singapore needing some E instras.
  9. Sorry for the late response. Jared, So strange that you can buy radios in Japan, but you need a lic. to transmit. The same goes with TAs, you can buy them, but illegal to tansmit. I do not encurage to break the law, chances are slim to the extreame that you'd be caught. Just a word of caution. Plus everyone has to have to TAs to be able to talk to each other. I used to have TAs but ditched them as I could not get other to buy in. And their spker/mic option was more expensive than the unit itself. Also, Japan radio can use repeater stations in case of emergency, but not TAs.
  10. I'd suggest to start going to classes and seminars so that you can use those shit. Typically those are only offered in late summer/fall time (no one has time to teach this during the seson) Map/compas/GPS Equipment First Aide (aimed for bc riders) Rope Avvy BTW, tranceivers like Motorola Talk Abouts are not compatible in Japan and illegal.
  11. I am thinking to get up there in June. It looks like still has snow.
  12. I did send in a set of photos two seasons ago to SJ. They must be gone by now. The best time (in terms of access and snow) is after the GW. They will clear the roads to the mid-station, and there are still snow left to the parking from the top.
  13. Well, if you live in Colorado, I don't think it's worth a trip just for skiing. A bunch of Aussies come to Japan every year, just because skiing is decent and closer than going to Rockies or Europe. Also a bunch of Japanese go to North America just for skiing, also. You guys have it, man.
  14. A couple of URLs (Jpn only) if interested. http://www.yamagatakun.org/gassan/lift.html Also there is a guide service (tele guy) http://www10.ocn.ne.jp/~mannzu/backcountry.htm
  15. Wooo, not so fast! There is another low system headed this way towards the weekend. Perhaps, you may want to gain some altitude, but it may give us another fresh snow.
  16. I was at a resort in US last weekend, and actually did not notice that the resort did not play any noise at all. I must blcok them all out in J resorts. But after realizing that there is an utter quietness, I really enjoyed it.
  17. April is like Spring, no tourist, the town is pretty deserted. Some places(shops, restrants) are closed. Of course no lift lines. If you really want some soft snow, bowl at Yotei is still pretty good, except you have to hike for 5 hours. If you go expecting some good snow, 99 out of 100, you'd be disappointed.
  18. Even in deep powder, I can typically snap my right foot (Im a reg.)right in while standing up (even with my pack on )provide I set up the board correctly - just like everyone else. I see friends with straps seem to have more problems as most of them have to sit down to stap thir foot, and end up stuck in the powder(cant get up). I guess this is a preference thing since I never used strap or Flow, so I can't say how others work.
  19. I like Burton SI bindings and I don't have any trouble in powder at all. Eapecially the new PSI with rachet mechanism and bigger toggles, it is now easier than ever to get in/out. The only con is if you like front/aft control, SI can be sloppy as they hold the sides of your boots. The one I certainly do not recommend is Shimano Clicker/rapid fire. In poweder they are so prone to clog up and you need to blind insert your toe clip. Almost all of my friends ditched this and went to either Burton SI or straps.
  20. Majority of Japan classic routes are day trips, with some overnight options. For close to Tokyo routs are Hotaka Oguna, Kagura, and Tenjin. And you can count much more if Nagano and Fukushima are included. I typically pack my day stuff in 25-30L pack, usually that is more than enough. Powder Guide, the new mag. shows good details on some of the more famous routs.
  21. I have seen folks with SKIJPAN.com patch across their backs around Niseko Hirafu this season. Who are they? Are they connected to this site? Anyone know? They seem to be leading a buch of non-Japanese tourists.
  22. Miteyak, I have my bidings mounted one inch (2.5cm) behind the standard mounting position (per nordic norm). To be honest, I don't know if I can tell the difference.
  23. Charlie, I only know places at Niseko Hirafu who provides billingual instructions (NAC, NOASC, and SAS) but quality of teaching, I don't know. May be other mambers at this forum could give you more info. Sorry.
  24. What style are you looking for? There are JSBA certified teachers (typically belongs to a school) and independent(not JSBA certified) ones. I don't think certification is a must as long as he/she who can teach well.
  25. I think you can draw from your own experiences on how long your stick outght feel right. I have a pair of Volant Cubbs 178, AK Launcher 185, Cycho 185. They all feel great but 185s are indeed a bit of work to miander in the somewhat tight woods but extermely stable in a open. You also should consider your weight + pack. I am at 172/72kg and 178 does just fine, anything shorter, I may have to ride way in the back seat.
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