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  1. Split boards, I think, have some serious drawbacks in Japan. Many around me don't use them anymore. 1. Boards/bindings get heavy. 2. Decreased riding performance (to some extent) 3. Skins are may be heavier than shoes 4. Unless you are trained skier, tough to turn on a switch back on a steep and traverse. Of course it is always a good idea to have all parties have the same clibming equipment.
  2. Kumapix, I thought most of the resorts banned smoking on the lift or gondola. I don't remember when was the last time I saw anyone smoking on a lift. Smoking should be banned in any building.
  3. Boaders sitting in the middle of a run - I spray them.
  4. If you are willing to hike for along time, you can ski down on North side of Wise, where no one really goes. No tracks guranteed.
  5. Showman, They have just closed Super Course at Hirafu. There are many god size cracks above (aka 大広間)and a large crack just under the Center 4 lift. Also, cracks are found outside of the resort boundaries (access thru gates like Strawberry, Jackson). Because you can't see them from above, I heard some accidents (minor injuries) have happend. I have not heard any avalanches outside of the ski area (except Chise) But in general, within the boudaries are safe. If you go off thru the gates, looks like all bets are off this season
  6. There is a cat operation at アルファ トマム resort. Sorry I do not have the URL. Also at Arai, too.
  7. Good to hear people are still trying new things. You know Keizo Miura is 100, and still skiing.
  8. Japan ATMs still do not accept foreign bank cards. Post office ATMs do accept Cirrus or STAR cards. Post offices are all over Japan, but at Niskeo only place is Kucchan (cab or bus ride). Their operationg hours are limited to day time. Bring tons of cash, and would be nice to drop some money to local economy.
  9. Well, if condition is right, you get pows and no people. I'd just buy kaisu ken to get a few runs.
  10. Rule of thumb - I always call Kagura ahead to check the weather/lift ops. If closed "tenjin" is another chioce if you are driving from south. Otherwise, Kayama Captain Coast, you know, the place with a sail boat.
  11. Since those fatts are pretty much gone in Japan, I picked them up on my biz. trip back to US last month. Got some deal, but not much ~10%off. And yes, they are a bit short, but the width will compensate for the floatation. Also, there are some strange sticks out.↓ http://www.icelanticboards.com/at_boards.htm
  12. Hey, Just got my bindings mounted on my Volkl Sumo. They don't even fit into a vice for the jump skis.
  13. 1. The road to the 5th station may not be open till GW - check with local police. 2. Fuji is compeletely weather dependent. Sunny day, great, windy, ice mountain. 3. Two routs, North side, and South side. 4. Plan on 5-6 hour hike 5. Do not push if an altitude sickness sets in. 6. Make sure to submit a climbming plan to local police 7. Crampons and an ice axe is a good idea. 8. Even on a sunny day, wind picks up in early PM. 9. Watch for falling rocks - they do not stop on snow or ice. 10. Wise not to summit,if condition is not ideal. 11. Good luck, Fuji is a fun pl
  14. I will be out riding till GW, then one more time at Fuji. This time of the year is really tough, ride snow or surf. Well, if it's going to rain, then definately surf, sunny, the snow. Great season for touring, cocking lunch under blue sky!
  15. Looks like potentially another small system going through Wed, Thu this week. May get some more.
  16. Mountain Rescue teams are typically run by local police organizations, such as Tanigawa search and rescue is under Gunma Police, another one that frequently mentioned in the media is stationed at Tateyama, under Toyama Police. Through media, I have this feeling that they are more suited for organized search and rescue rather than quick in/out of an avvy victem or others. What comes to my mind is the rescue at Mai Hotaka early in the season, that they had to wait for the weather to clear to air lift a guy who dug a snow pit to survive. Also, it is kinda interesting that many retired membe
  17. Funny, the news says they sent rescue team of 57 that evening.??
  18. Never heard of Soem Mountains? Arai has some Cat Rideing tours, but they are pretty much filled this season, I heard. Masa T arrenges the tours, went to two sessions last season, and was so good that I'm going on one next weekend. It kinda give me a break from hiking all the time.
  19. >>"Because Japan is a very safety(!) country" I think this place is still socialistic. Airports' are the same, one to take your ticket and put into a machine, the other to hand the stub to you! The machine is supposed to be a lobor saving device.
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