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  1. I am interested in finding more about this like now I am studying some history. I read something about Orthodox Jews and their tradition, one I think is about hair and side part coming down like hanging. Can anybody know much about it and why do that?
  2. I am now getting really tired of summer season. Lets hope for early fall season.
  3. I have a nurse costume somewhere from my days in college a fancy dress I must get it out
  4. My friend went to Tokyo one and enjoyed it, but said crowd not so much fun and less people than imagined.
  5. Recently I drink lots of tea, it is more like than green tea or coffee for me now.
  6. I don't know about new one concert, but the original Live Aid is shown Fuji Tv 721/739 (Sky) on Julu 13 from 8:50pm.
  7. I don't like these kind of guy also. They look like plastic model.
  8. 2 of us going to England this summer. I'm really looking forward to it. Flight return is just over 200000 yen
  9. もつ鍋 Did you try it? Motsu? I don't know English for it? Sheep stomach maybe? I went for eating with Australian friend this week and we had it and he was not happy, he could not eat it. Did you try?
  10. I don't understand many part of that. Maybe I shouldn't ask, but what is "conkers-deep"?
  11. I don't know how change since I was school, but I enjoyed school lunches. They were good at our school good variety. What is jam roypoly?
  12. Sometimes I see this on tv here in Japan .
  13. I saw this roundabout in Paris - it looked difficult and dangerous!
  14. What do foreigner think of Japan when they see like this thing?
  15. Do you think Tony Blair will win again?
  16. I think people really do able to say thing they cannot usually saying when drunk. It is accepted part of the relationships in Japan. Sometimes I think people are to easy to wanting to get drunk.
  17. I must work many day recently and also this week. But I have Thursday, Friday and weekend for holiday. so I looking forward to that.
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