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  1. Tomorrow maybe haru ichiban? It seems too early for that!
  2. Some of my older friends try it sometimes near Zao in Yamagata, Bodaira I think is the name. It doesn't seem appealing to me.
  3. I heard on BBC news they say Turin, but many other place I see Torino. I'm confused!!
  4. I have a colleague who did it. I think looks awful - too big it doesn't fit!
  5. My friend and I thinking about visit to Australia and we read an English book about Ayres Rock. Did you go there? We don't understand why some book have line under the letter "r" of the name 'Uluru'. What is that can you tell us?
  6. I saw it - it is wonderful. I want to see it again.
  7. I went earlier this year to one it was interesting but I don't need it again. I think it will be interesting experience for you.
  8. Do many of you have good genuine Japanese friends? I hope so!
  9. Ah now I understand I think. thank you
  10. I don't like meetings. So much wasted time I think.
  11. I have heard this phrase sometime like "he deserves due process", but it is difficult to understand the meaning of this. Can somebody try to explain me? Thanks! aki
  12. I never lived place where they were never around. Very annoying.
  13. If you had a week to spend in one area, would you Nozawa or Shiga Kogen? Maybe do both in the week. I'm interested to know another thought about it.
  14. I'm happy I got 2 full weeks for holiday this winter, both at not peak time so I hope to go 2 different place then.
  15. I can't imagine hugging my father. I want to, but it would seem strange. I think it is sad.
  16. Still in shorts! I am wearing jacket now and this weekend I will get out heater for cleaning I think
  17. My friends and I having discussion last night about this. But do you swear in front of your parents and taking care with language you use, or just as normal? It was about half each last night.
  18. My name is Aki and also somebody for joke calling me snow bunny. so aki-bun.
  19. I have a question! If today is Monday and somebody says "ok lets meet next Tuesday", do they mean tomorrow or a week tomorrow. And if on Thursday people say "next weekend", which weekend do they mean? It is confusing for me!
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