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  1. Biggest I feel was recently in Chiba - it was on news I think shido 5.  こわかった
  2. I never used a mac. Is it really very different?
  3. My bath is also so small, but I am used to it. In summer I enjoy shower more for cooling down.
  4. Do you wear cufflinks with shirt? Not many Japanese do I think but some of my foreign friend has some really interesting one.
  5. Recently I tried them all. I like about 80% until. 99% was not delicious for me! So bitter! I thought I love all chocolate before I tried that one.
  6. Downtown are so popular here. Do you watch them and enjoy it?
  7. Porno Grafitti is very popular, but I don't like them much. I think they are boring.
  8. How do you call a animal - do you use him or her or it? And does it depend on whether pet or not? (For example, how about wild crow?) Thank you!
  9. I'm sorry to hear it veronica. Will you get a new vpod-san?
  10. I saw Mystic River yesterday I thought it was very good.
  11. It doesn't sound like fun! I never experience drugs like this, I think I will live without it!
  12. What is "good" one and "bad" one? And jawing? I know nothing about this kind of thing. Is it popular?
  13. It has been really strange weather again I think. In fact since a few years ago it always seems strange and not normal weather both in winter and summer months.
  14. I have never heard about it before. Fermeted herring is kind of fish, right?
  15. Hello. It's getting spring isn't it now. I have a friend who has a friend whos hair is very big dreadlocks. They are very thick and looks (I can't think of better word) interesting! I want to know how do they keep it clean? It doesn't look clean I think. Almost scary.
  16. 12 days and 3 nighta. I think now finished but maybe another weekend in April.
  17. Since few years ago sometimes I watch program called Dallas. It's so funny (but not comedy). Everybody is so nasty for each other, bad relationships, scandal, double crossing (?), all the time. Was it very popular? Are some people really like that I wonder?
  18. I saw Smap before they went really famous. 恥ずかしい! 
  19. A friend used this phrase in an email and I don't understand meaning. "He went bananas"? What is that? Go crazy or something?
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