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  1. Hello. Last night I watched episode of West Wing and they talk about "soccer mum" many time. I didn't understand that at all, is it something to do with childrens soccer team?
  2. I went to Zao recently and had good time snow was better than I heard especially compared to Niigata and another place. I like the onsen there
  3. Me too! I love going bath, I spend long time there. Sometimes nearly 1 hour.
  4. Omedeto. So many people having baby. Also quite a few of my friend. I think number of baby will increase a lot this year!
  5. I am looking forward to see more of your wonderful photos eskimobasecamp. You are very talent!
  6. I did not hear about that tradition for sushi at all. I just eat it!
  7. I always wanted to go there, I would try it! Grand Canyon looks amazing place.
  8. Just 3 so far. I was 2 day at Myoko Kogen and then one day in Nozawa.
  9. I want to go and see them one time but again this year I cannot. It looks very pretty.
  10. Today I had Pringle flavor Chicago pizza. It was nice but did not explain why the name. Is there special flavor for Chicago pizza different to another pizza? Thank you
  11. I am interested in winter time thing. I know it changed last night but what time does it change? Is it midnight? And if I am wake that time, does it suddenly become 1 hour earlier?
  12. Do you actually live in Tateyama Kumapix. My friend recently move there after marry guy from Tateyama this year I hope to visit a few times.
  13. There is some good list! I am hoping to go some new place this year. I want to try more of Myoko area and also try Sugadaira. I heard it was so good snow there, but so cold also.
  14. I am interested to know how many ski resort in Japan you went to! I went to I think 12 different one in total
  15. I have friend who has child age 12. Child learn some English at elementary school but not has learning same thing in 1st year of Juniour high school. And so they become bored with lesson so easy.
  16. I am interested in stereotype image of country people that are correct. I know many is incorrect, but can you tell me some for right for your country? Maybe Japanese one is bad pronounce of English with r and l, and bowing behaviors.
  17. I went it was very good. I really enjoy.
  18. Is that shop open all the year?! I can imagine popular with Japanese.
  19. I don't notice it but I am used to it. I did notice that there were no lines in overseas place I went. It looked good without the line.
  20. I think this topic before but another program on tv confuse me again! They said that "England" is not a country, but just a region of a country. Why also is England in team World Cup. It's really confusing!
  21. It's interesting. I think many people don't know about mac and difference of it.
  22. Thank you - I had never heard it before!
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