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  1. Do you live near there Ezorisu. My friend lives just 1km from that resort. Still I did not able to visit.
  2. Did anyone other watching the Japanese tv program now with Brazilian guy who says he predict many major event in world with much accuracy. Like he predict Sarin incident on subway, space shuttle disaster, Kobe earthquake, etc with much detail. It is interesting, still now continue.
  3. I prefer 24 the most of tv show. Lost become little annoying for me by 3rd season. Always I wanted to know more about it than they tell.
  4. Hello. I heard about a company people called "fly by night operation". I do not understand the meaning, I think it is some kind of saying not meaning nighttime. Can somebody explain? Thank you!
  5. I saw this a few time on tv drama and wanted to know if true. For example, I am in shop and going to buy chocolate bar and drink. I open the chocholate bar and drink BEFORE paying and going through till area. Pay for it when go through even though half eaten already! Is that ok thing to do?
  6. This summer was so hot in Japan. I am happy not it is heating down?! (what is opposite of heating up?)
  7. I went this afternoon and really enjoyed it like Tubby Beaver say.
  8. Around me I think all people had shock at the increase as well. I do not know about anybody with no change or less. My money suddenly become less.
  9. Sometime at lunchtime at my work people use internet and look like these things. Recently so many videos.
  10. I have been looking at information about it. I want to try in Tokyo.
  11. Thank you I will look. French frie, cheese and gravy sauce!?
  12. When I first went Kyoto I was also little disappointed. It was quick tour of main place and I did not really enjoy. But since I went two more time with people who know it and spend more time I grow to love it. But I agree station is not good. Please study before go!
  13. Both my best friend now pregnant. They have many thing to talk about that I don't understand!
  14. Actually I forgot how I get the name! But my name is Akiko.
  15. Hi! A Canadian friend was telling me about "poutine" some kind of food and I think he was trying to joke for us believe stupid thing. Is it real meal or not?
  16. My friend was rape last year. It was in Tokyo, she was return from work in quiet street and attack. She is still like different woman and it is really sad. I think police did not take enough notice or effort to help her and find the guy who did it to her. It is very sad situation and difficult for her to clear (?) it.
  17. I like it also, but there only a few people who i want to ignore
  18. Hello I am in Shiga kogen area now and it is snowing! I thought I would tell you all!
  19. Hello and thank you Sir JibALot and YellowSnow.
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