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  1. .. yeah BG. The back cover reads:


    Only fifteen years ago, Japan was the world's model for modern capitialism; today, its economy lies in ruins, its environment is in grave danger, and its culture is profoundly, chronically sick. In this incisive, deeply personal book, Alex Kerr, a longtime resident and student of Japan, explores the roots of this dicline. He offers no easy answers, but argues that as Japan has emerged from isolation and asserted itself as one of the world's most powerful nations, much of what it holds dear in its culture and in its very landsc ape has been torn apart and ravaged. He leads us past garish comics and Pokemon gizmos to seashores lined with concrete, showing us in the process that this most ancient and most modern of nations is faced with a new challenge: how to find a way home.


    quote from back:


    " Provacative. . . Dogs and Demons is a product of tough love. Instead of simply dismissing the book as a condemnation of their society, as many will, Japanese readers might do well to examine its many valid criticisms and take them as a powerful exhortation to chart a new course." - Andrew Nagorski, NEWSWEEK


    it was a great read. i've been living here for a few years and I really never thought twice about their society. this really opened my mind and eyes about Japan


    give it a read and tell me what you think

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