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  1. Never skiied the US but BC is great: WHistler/Blackcomb Red Mountain Big White Prices are cheaper and beer is better! Nuff said.
  2. On the hill: Death cookies: evil hunks of ice kicked of the sides of grooming cats. Slice:Hard and fast ice--skiable only with super sharp edges and technique Falling: Snrain:Mix of snow and rain that instantly freezes onto your goggles. A early season specialty of Whistler/Blackcomb Diamond snow:Sparkling,magical snowfall
  3. It always amazes me hoe the regimented Japanese go crazy in lift lines, and for the most part ski/board like crazy bast***s. Any thoughts?
  4. Life is so short and there so much great beer to drink... OZ:Coopers sparkling or stout;Crown Lager CDN:La fin du Monde;Kawartha Lakes USA:doesnt exist JPN:Most J beers are all the same, but Kirin black is pretty good MEX os Equis IRE:Guiness Kampai!!!
  5. Okayama.working as a nova drudge.any other language monkeys out there? Theres some suprisingly good mountains this far south, but i long for nagano!!!
  6. All that JPOP crap is the best reason to buy an MD for the slopes. Canrock rules...listen to the hip, big sugar, 54-40, nickleback....
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