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  1. Aren't they having a pretty grim time anywhere outside of the US. I just read that in the UK they slashed the price from 300 quid to 199 just weeks after it's UK launch. Apparently anyone who bought it at the original price will be given a "Thank you Package" consisting of 2 games and a console (worth 115 quid). Maybe only for European buyers though. [This message has been edited by Sharon (edited 18 April 2002).] [This message has been edited by Sharon (edited 18 April 2002).]
  2. Love Coldplay Ocean. Yellow is my driving song of choice.
  3. Yes I know Kembys. Only been in Hiroshima for 6 months but Japan for 7 years. Havent been skiing in Hiroshima yet. Why were you living in Geihoku?
  4. What are the ski-jos like in Hiroshima, Talisker? Worth going? Usually I save up for a few trips to Tohoku and Hokkaido but now I'm in Hiroshima, I'd like to try and go more often, more cheaply and more quickly.
  5. Why Talisker and not Laphroaig? Or are you going to beat me up about that too? Kemby's? What's Kemby's?
  6. But what is the difference between ski wear and snowboard wear? Even the gloves are different! Why? The snow is the same and the temperature is the same.
  7. Not going anywhere but kind of thought that this forum may dry up like the snow.
  8. Maybe a stupid Q to those in the know but the temps are the same out there. R there any real differences except for the colours - snowboard = drab and lifeless, ski = OTT and gaudy, all except for my bright orange jaffa jacket of which I'm immensely proud and want to wear it more often (not 'coz of the colour, but 'coz the only place I'd wear it wld be on the slopes). By the way, is this it? Is it time for Frankie? (And now, the end is near....). Where will you all be for the next 7 or 8 months? No more Ocean (doesn't he look like Ali G in that piccie?), NoFakie, Mogsi, Rach, Barok, Bri
  9. Snapper, I'm not talking about an intermediate or advanced run, I'm talking about the beginner gelende that leads down the last lap to Hirafu. The reason it gets like that is the traffic, sure, but what I wanted to say was that if the traffic was merely beginner skiers, it would not end up like the terrifying minefield it was. Of course it wouldn't stay as perfectly groomed as when I was on it the day before (much less traffic) but beginner snowboarders tend to go down the hill with their feet and board horizontal, therefore scraping all the top layers of powder and leaving just the hard, co
  10. Like Ski Japan Guide, I'm glad it stayed friendly and I was interested to read the other sides opinions. As to the weather being the cause, of course I realise that and I was only referring to a day in Niseko started off with perfect powder but only 3 hours later was a minefield of ice balls and snow mounds. I'm a beginner and I know that we must really annoy advanced skiers and snowboarders (sumimasen) but is there any where that a gelende is split in two with a beginners side and an advanced side. Otherwise, I, a beginner, have to stick to the red runs and later be terrified about coming
  11. Mmmmmm! Do you think this will go off? Well, here goes....I had a great time last weekend as a semi-beginner skier, but all the snowboarders really ruined the snow. The beginners scrape right down the powder like they're using the board as a razor blade and leave a sheet of ice. The better boarders swish the snow around, leaving mounds of snow and essentially turn the beginner's run into a mogul course with patches of hail stone sized ice balls. No offence, but I keep reading lots of disparaging (sorry, too much Ally McBeal)comments about beginner skiers. Also, you guys complain about
  12. Have you guys tried Kazaa for downloads? Got an excellent version of Lord of the Rings back in early December and with ADSL, I just leave the computer on all night and wake up to about 5 new movies, a dozen Friends/Seinfeld/South Park etc episodes and about 20 new tunes!! It rocks!!!
  13. Heading off to Zao Onsen on Thurs. 2 couples but couldn't get same hotel - travel agent messed up. Anyway, got home and pressured Japanese hubbie into emailing the hotels to see if we could have dinner in each others hotel on one night (package includes meals). He hummed and hawed and said that of course it was a stupid idea and that they wouldn't have a bar of it. 3 days later the emails came back and lo and behold, there is common sense to be had in this country. They said yes!! So now we will dine in own hotel first night, then we will have dinner the 4 of us in our friends hotel
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