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  1. So has anyone stayed in one of SnoWave's current studio apartments?
  2. Shelly's the one I've been talking to as well alfberg - on the phone she sounds like a babe.
  3. Yeah, I've never been to Japan with SnoWave, but the trips my friends and I have booked with them have always been good. I also like the way that (even though they are servicing skiiers now as well) they have always supported snowboarding.
  4. I've been told by a lot of people that SnoWave's chalet is awesome this year. A friend of mine has been booking with them for the last few years and always has good things to say. The fact that people keep on rebooking with them year after year says something.
  5. I want a room with it's own bathroom because basically I did the hostel thing through Canada and I'm sick of it - and I'm prone to dehydration when I'm snowboarding, so I drink a lot of water and usually end up getting up a couple of times a night to take a leak. And there's nothing like not having to wait for a hot shower (and having it as long as you like) . [This message has been edited by chucky (edited 05 February 2002).]
  6. Is it really THAT hard to get your own bathroom? And c'mon, dish out a little dirt on the SnoWave chalet - I was thinking about it, so best I know now.
  7. So where's a good place to stay in Niseko - for 2 guys, with own bathroom, TV, preferably with a kitchen, reasonably priced?
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