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  1. Think of Hakuba as the "party place" with more people, nightlife and generally upbeat mood, and think of Shiga as the more gently quiet place
  2. Luckily I dont have to prove anything to someone I dont know who spends all day every day posting messages on a forum board. He says with a hint of sarcasm. But you do know some big words don't you Ocean. Marketing mix - bet you think it makes a nice cake don't ya. Anyway, end of this discussion from me. Bye.
  3. Y'know Ocean we are not disagreeing here, I am sure. I agree that it's daft. All I am saying is that if they falter as a business because of their decisions as a business, then so be it. That's their choice, not ours. Doesn't mean to say that we should like it and accept it. If we don't accept it then we don't go, yeah? Also, the large majority of skiers and boarders in Japan don't give a rats bottom about "backcountry", let's be honest! And no, I was not a JET. I have a background in marketing.
  4. Well then surely that is just "their lookout", isn't it? Even though I think it sux, they have the last word. It will be much more complex than we imagine for some bizarre reason - as most things are in Japan.
  5. I agree with xxx - absolutely over-rated as a resort. The rep is has is coz of the backcountry adventures on offer.
  6. This is going to get FLAMED big time, I'm sure but.... ...isn't it the resorts right to decide the rules themselves. They own the place, they operate the place, they insure the place, they are responsible for A,B,C,etc. Bottom line - THEY DECIDE! I think some of you guys are forgetting that and just moaning coz you think you are right and so THEY SHOULD! The reality is probably far more complex than you image (or could understand Let the flames begin!
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