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  1.  Quote:
    I usually stop on the sides of a run if I need to stop - yet people feel the need to come by and ski or board as close to me as possible
    between the option of going near you when you are stationary on the side or a couple beginners leafing it down the middle of the slope..

    ill go near you every time because i can predict where you will be
  2. Got this from "Metropolis"...

    I haven't been there, but next time I head up to NAEBA for a weekend I might check it out.


    Anybody been there, done that?



    Sno Deck

    Naeba, one of the only ski resorts in Japan with any nightlife, now has a rocking DJ bar/pizzeria right at the base of the Asagai Snowboard Park on route 17, 20 minutes' walk from the Naeba ski area and its new 5km gondola. Watch out for the free shots if you plan on making an early start the next day. 52-4 Oaza-Mikuni, Yazawa-Cho, Minami Uonuma-gun, Niigata. Tel: 0257-89-3293. Open 11am-2am daily. snodeck@hotmail.com


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