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  1. Excellent photos again muikabochi, you always take some crackers. I really like that first one. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Quote: Oh Minty, I think you missed one of the great aspects of Hakuba That 'great' aspect will also be missed by many people due to it's very nature, no matter how much people mention it. Just not convenient. Quote: here's 600 resorts & they are all different, just spin the wheel & choose one. Let's just hope you don't end up with one of the 300+ 'one three hundred meter lift' local "resorts". I sure wouldn't want to visit Japan just for one of them!
  3. Originally Posted By: BagOfCrisps I was absolutely stuffed last night. Too much actually, felt rather bad late on knocked out of the day by early evening. Didn't sleep too well either. Tell me about it. Over-ate. Why didn't someone warn me?
  4. Why did you make an ipad version? Who's it aimed at?
  5. ....etc Does anyone (normal people) understand these? They got me lost and a search round has just confused me even more! Anyone here able to dummy-speak explain?
  6. Good Sun headline today "Becks slaps slapper with 5 million writ"
  7. Originally Posted By: RobBright Well consider the DPJ are pushing for foreigners with PR to have a vote, then why shouldn't we? The other guys aren't though are they?
  8. Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads And Newcastle beat Acc. Stanley 2-3. Close one that! They drink milk, you see. Or, was that the scousers.
  9. That was BA. And experienced a very similar situation with KLM.
  10. Thats what I'm saying. And if they delay that online check in just a little but, some people will - and apparently did - pay the charge to make sure they got a seat.
  11. You are supposed to be able to checkin and choose a seat online 24 hours before the flight. Before that, you can choose the seat at a cost.
  12. Unless of course they all end up with a clenched fist. Which makes me want to "gambarimasu". As you do.
  13. Last time I did that, the online check in opened at 10:25 when it should have been 10:00. When I checked the seats at 10:00, there were loads left and I could have paid 2000 yen or so to get mine fixed up. When I checked again at 10:20, there were very few left. Then it opened for free seat allocations at 10:25 and there were only a few left. My only conclusion is that a fair few people paid up between 10:00 and 10:20 to get their seat.
  14. Announcements, usually on local tv, where any number of people say the same thing - all almost totally expressionlessv and robotically - all at the same time. Sometimes 10+ people. That cracks me up.
  15. But carbs are so oishii. Lost a bit myself though not through some huge plan. Just not really had the appetite with the heat and done lots of evening walks.
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