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  1. Hot here today. Start of the heat it feels like.
  2. World Cup is going to be getting in the way of our rebuild for which I am
  3. They do to me. But I like it more than normal beer. Gets me quite tipsy though!
  4. He sounds interesting to say the least. Something to look forward to now after a really drab and frustrating season.
  5. Normal Custard Creams are good too!
  6. The giant ones they sell at Costa Coffee are like that. Pretend Bourbons!
  7. Pharrel Williams on Music Station. Spent 5 minutes with an introduction and all his achievements, collaborations, etc. Video finishes. Tamori's first question: What Japanese food do you like?
  8. My friend has been trying for a child, from what she said they were told to think 'up to 3000 man'. Obviously depending on tons of things. Scary!
  9. Once it get hot I'll really go off the idea of hot baths. Nice cool shower will be the order if the day. Two (or three) times!
  10. Wonder how those gaijin end up being on the telly like that? It's often the same pool of 'talent' isn't it.
  11. ...sometimes it's a bit hit and miss as to how many 'bits' you get.
  12. I might choose to watch one of them instead of United! Probably lots of flicking channels going on.
  13. I just put regular in mine. Around 153 - 158 yen here.
  14. I don't even know what a possum looks like! I will go to google
  15. Difficult to see City, er, slipping up now - but stranger things have happened.
  16. I recorded it and turned it off at about 70 minutes! Glad I didn't delete it coz when I read the result I was like ..!??!!?
  17. What's Rooney said, haven't heard that? I just heard that he had a new bald patch on the top of his head this morning. Lets face it most tabloid footie-related 'stories' need to be taken with a very large sack of salt. Most of it seems either made up or hugely exaggerated.
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