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  1. Not the most exciting of games for us, that's for sure.
  2. Another "international" break. Good. We can practice more!
  3. I don't like things auto-updating. Too much chance of problems
  4. Going back to ice cream, I want Baskin Robbins to bring back Box of Chocolates!!
  5. I find people emailing less because of Facebook etc. I'm not on Facebook so I rely on mail and Skype. I seem to manage.
  6. Like you gg, I feel good about the future, but not until we get some defence stuff going on.
  7. There often seems to be something else that needs to be added on though. I prefer going in and talking to them.
  8. For once, I'm glad that we have a week off the Premier League. Hopefully next week will be a bit like the 'proper start of the season' for United!
  9. Yeah how come we don't get a fashion run down on all the sexy blokes in Abe's gang!!
  10. I'm going to the gym to help things along. Hope to be in good shape for autumn/winter. Gambaro!
  11. I watched the first Columbo last night. It was pretty good... he was so young!!!
  12. I can't quite believe Anderson is still with us. And Cleverly. And...and...and...
  13. Ahhh, getting back to normal again back in Japan. Will take a week or two I reckon! Had a fun few weeks, that's it for another year.
  14. Feeling like I need to cut back on things already! Nah, I can do that when I'm back in Japan.
  15. Next post from England home! Well I might try anyway. Tend not to be online much.
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