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  1. I will also go to Hakuba from Tokyo on 31 Jan and return to Tokyo on 5 Feb. I will take the 1900 bus on 31/1. Actually I will arrive at Nartia Airport at about 1500. Is anyone here willing to share the car with two of us?
  2. It is very disappointing that most (maybe all) Montbell stuffs are made in China. As a Hong Kong guy, I don't like stuff that is made in Mainland China. However, it seems that nearly all big brands are now manufactured in either China or other third-world countries. Montbell is good because it is from Japan.
  3. miteyak, Just want to know the performance of Lowe Alpine's waterproof product Triple Point Mica or Ceramic. Also, how much for a LA eVent Jacket with fleece lining?
  4. Everyone here knows Goretex is good but expensive. Any best buys for non-Goretex waterproof jackets? Any brand and line to recommend? Value-for-money is the main point of consideration.
  5. Any comparison between The North Face's Hyvent and Columbia's Omi-Tech/Omi-Shield? Thanks
  6. flyingchicken and all, The coming ski trip is my 4th ski trip. Previously, I just worn something with no brands. And this time, I would like to have some better clothing.
  7. I am from Hong Kong. I am currently choosing from a variety of worldwide ski-wear brands for my coming ski trip to Hakuba. My question is simple: is Montbell from Japan good? (when compared to Columbia, The North Face, etc) Thanks
  8. I am going to travel from Narita Airport to Hakuba after my flight arrival in Japan on 31 Jan. Is there any direct bus between the two places?
  9. To make it clear, BOTH gentlemen and ladies ARE welcome to join us. English or Chinese speakers preferred. Thanks
  10. Matt, So kind you are!!! However, I and my friend will go from Tokyo to Hakuba on 31 Jan (Sat) and return on 5 Feb (Thu). Cannot meet you. Gordon
  11. 31 Jan: Overnight bus from Shinjuku to Hakuba 1 Feb to 2 Feb: Ski in Hakuba Happo-One 3 Feb to 4 Feb: Ski resort to be confirmed (maybe Happo-one, Iwatake, Hakuba Goryu +47, etc) 5 Feb: Morning bus from Hakuba to Shinjuku, stay 1 night in Tokyo for some shopping 6 Feb: Tokyo to Sapporo by domestic flight----> Enjoy Sapporo Snow Festival 7 Feb: Sapporo (Crab + Snow Festival) 8 Feb: Sapporo---->Tokyo We have 2 men now. Anyone interested is welcome to join us. No of persons now: Two We have had air-tickets already. Anyone interested is welcome to join. English sp
  12. I am going to take a overnight bus from Shinjuku to Habuka. I would like to store my ski pack (1.8m high) in the Shinjuku station in order to have some "relaxing" time before that overnight bus (instead of carrying the heavy stuff to have dinner and walk around). Do anyone know if there is any such services in Shinjuku? Locker or manual luggage storage services would be equally fine to me. If yes, where and how much? If no in Shinjuku station, how about other big JR stations? Thanks. Gordon
  13. Stoke, That's fantastic! When will you leave? How much is your tour finally? And go to which ski resort? I will go to Happo-one for sure and am now thinking two more resorts in Hakuba during my stays in Nagano. Any suggestions? Gordon
  14. Stoke, I can't speak Japanese, neither. Just a quick question: Is that Y14700 package a tour or a self-arranged package? From your words, it seems that it is a travel agent tour. Your valuable advice is most welcome!
  15. Thanks, all for your valuable advice. Stoke, I am especially interested in your Y14700 package. Would you please advise where to find it and the details of this package? The price is excellent. Thanks. Gordon
  16. I am going to take a return trip from Shinjuku to Hakuba Happo (http://www.alpico.co.jp/access/express/hakuba_shinjuku/index.html) and vice versa in early Feb. I would like to ask if anyone can reply: 1. Is the overnight bus comfortable? (2230 to 0530) 2. I will arrive at Tokyo Narita Airport on 31 Jan at 3pm. Do you think that I can get on the night bus (7pm or 1030pm) on that day without any advance booking? Is the bus easily full? 3. I will leave Hakuba on 6 Feb and take the 7am departing bus (arriving at Shinkuju at 1130am in schedule). I will have a flight in the Haneda Airport head
  17. Many thanks to Francis! Actually I am planning to have a 1 day trip (arrive early & return late) to a ski area close to Tokyo. Is Yuzawa a good choice? I choose it mainly because of its convenient transport from Tokyo. Any other suggestions?
  18. Hi all, I will travel to Tokyo soon and now looking for the best ski resort in Yuzawa because of its convenient transport. Please help me to decide. And Gala Yuzawa, Yuzawa-Kougen and Ishiuchi Maruyama have a shared life ticket. Do they connected together by lifts? Can I rent ski equipment in Gala and then use in Ishiuchi Maruyama? If another knows, please explain. Gordon Kwan from Hong Kong
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