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  1. Check out the other post on this page - looks like it's still worth a go.
  2. That's the only downer about Japan winter sports if you ask me.
  3. good one at happo this season. any word on what they have up at niseko this season?
  4. Niseko is worth the travel hassle if you are willing to put up with that. A great 4 day holiday. Then after that, go to Hakuba. There you go, problem solved!
  5. In western Chiba, just on the edge of Tokyo. Oh yeah. The best place ever.
  6. Went up to Nozawa over the weekend and was disappointed in the snow. We need a topup.
  7. Just a bit of advice: Read through lots of the posts on this Forum. Read the resort reviews. Read the features. Lots of info already on here, you might find that people don't post the same info again.
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