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  1. No worries. Red's comment wasn't offending, & even if it was, we vikings have thick skin. Hakuba, Zao, & Niseko seem to have promise. It's just hard to sort out the bunny slopes from the real mountains on this site, unless you know what you're looking for. I know it's kind of a silly question ( like "what's the best thing to see in Europe), but I figured I'd try. I just like to ski if I can wherever I go.
  2. Been doing that. Will keep doing that. As a soon-to-be stranger in a strange land, I'm just trying to cut to the chase. I'd love to head up to Hokaido (sp?), but don't think I'll have the time. With so many destinations, & no "name recognition" (to me), I'm trying to narrow the choices. This site is great, but it's almost overload to the uninformed. Nothing on US websites or bookshelves that I have been able to find is useful in any way. I can get reviews & opinions on Croatia, Switzerland, Andorra, & Chile, but not Japan. Just lookin' for some info before I haul my X-Screa
  3. First time in Asia, first time in Japan. I ski New England (grew up skiing the Alps & Scandinavia). I'm going to be in Tokyo the first weekend in Feb. I've got the weekend only. Where to go, & how to get there (I think train sounds best)? Bringing my own gear across the world, because I can & company is paying. Just want some pow (if likely), as few people as possible, and decent vert. Checked out the links to Nagano locations, & looks ok. Any hints or suggestions welcome. P.S. I'm willing to travel up to 4 hrs, as long as it's challenging. Thanks in advance for any a
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