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  1. Thanks Paris88.. good to know you found some Foils up there somewhere, that means there could be others too not just race and mogal skis.
  2. I worked at Shiga for 2 seasons 8 years ago and im going back there on the 28th (busy period) unfortunately only for 2 days. I'm coming from New Zealand and my girlfriend has told me I can take skis or skateboard, not both! Ive decided to go with the skateboard, the dervish, after all i'll be in Osaka for the remaining 15 days of our trip and couldn't imagine being there without my wheels. But im still worried about the skis available for hire at Shiga. Im bringing my boots and I want to hire good twin-tips, I dont want to ski on shit. Has anyone rented skis from Prince Hotel
  3. I visited the site afew days ago for the first time in about 5 months.. and saw the forum had changed a little... Then I come back again today and the whole freaken site has changed!!!! Its cool! I might start using it again..
  4. Wang you're number: 1 rach you're: 2 Davo: 3 me...Mobi: 4
  5. If you go to a resort with those electronic ticket systems, some resorts have a machine where you return your little electronic ticket thing...and then the machine gives you back your 1000yen bond. If you hang around these machines around midday you can catch old people who have already had enough for the day, and buy their ticket from them for 1000yen. And at the end of the day when you've finished you can take the ticket back to the machine and get your 1000yen back.. This is a great idea if you drink alot the night before, then you can stay in bed until midday.
  6. Beckham crashed his Merc... http://xtramsn.co.nz/sport/0,,3951-1341897,00.html
  7. There are actually only 26 ski fields here in NZ, and only 12 of those are commercial fields. The rest are small club fields, but worth a look at if you don't like crowds. Try these sites: www.snow.co.nz & webcams: www.nzxsports.com (take a look at the Mt Hutt cam)
  8. Well we all knew the snow in Australia was rather shit anyway, but this season at Mt Buller it really will be shit! I heard on the news today that a team working at Mt Buller have been experimenting with a process which allows them to run treated sewerage through their snow making machines. So next time your up at Mt Buller please make your way to the rest rooms and take a big 'dump' for all the skiers and boarders.
  9. Hamilton, New Zealand in the mighty Waikato, mooloo country... Mooloo-ollay ollay ollay-mooloo ollay--
  10. Im trying to locate a New Zealander working for a ski school based in Nakano, Nagano-ken. They usually take there students to Kitashiga Kogen, Komaruyama. Ive tried looking for the ski school on this site but can't find it, so if you know of any ski schools in the area with a very sukebe gaijin instructor please let me know. Thanx Mobi
  11. BARSTUDS...they broke into my car yesterday while I was surfing and took everything that was inside even my towel...I couldn't dry myself and I had no clothes to change into, they even took some of my ski-wear which I brought along for extra warmth. I had a 2hr drive home in my wetsuit with a broken window and an empty stomach, I had $10 stashed in my ashtray which they missed but I needed that for petrol. They took over NZ$2000 worth of MY stuff, that might not be alot for you guys earning Yen, but I only earn NZ$. Dosen't matter what sport you do, if expensive equipment is inv
  12. ..well im not a cricket fan, truth is I hate the game! but last night Australia LOST!!! When New Zealand beats Australia (for the 2nd time in a row) I think its worth boosting about. Go Black Caps...
  13. ...you ever seen a chic trying to walk up an icy slope wearing ski boots and carrying a set of skis and poles!!
  14. IIIII, nonononono, skiings for the guys mate, a chic on skis just doesn't have any class over a cute little japanese chic on her little 140 BaaTON. If a chic rips on skis, there is probably an 80% chance she has a deeper voice than you!!
  15. Ocean ya prick...its only rabs 2nd posting! you should welcome rabs to SJG and and be more helpful! rabs, if you want snowboard parks & pipes think about going to kombayashi snowboard park in Yudanaka at the foot of shigakogen in Nagano-ken, you can stay at a cheap B&B in Yudanaka with obachan.
  16. golly golly...Im a dropout who wears my burton cargo's half way down my butt with my boom hoodie just covering my boxer shorts which keeps my ass warm, I wear my dcshoecousa bennie with my spy goggles(strictly no sunglasses) over the top to cover my identity!! but im not a snowboarder..I am 100% skier. ocean11..I would kill to go skiing with a psychotic snowboarder who hates skiers, bit of 'slipping' rivalry is always fun!
  17. It 10:30 in NZ, im going to bed soon. So every brand of binding mogski, has a track on the heel peace, you should be able to work out how to move the heel peace along this track by using a flathead screwdriver. Once you have the boot fitting in the binding, check the 'forward pressure' (there is a strong spring in the heel peace which pushes the toe of the boot into the toe peace of the binding). try looking for some small markings on your heel peace (most brands have a different system, but same idea) it might be some lines or a small window. When you put your boot in the binding note
  18. ...I agree Blazer.. but you didn't get my plot did ya cherry boy!
  19. too much information reverendbuda "use long one directional strokes...once you get the feel of it you can go back and forth" "then buff it with a dish pad" Im a ski tech in NZ, Ive never heard it said like that before...
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