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  1. Lots, but have you SEEN what shes done to her hair? ????! OMG! What WAS she thinking? All her kawaii-ness suddently disappears
  2. riddles

    SSX Tricky

    yeah, xbox is released today and is just under 35000 yen.
  3. I'm into the local ji-beers in Japan. Make a change from the all-the-same normal beers. Had some at ARAI the other week, really good. And the Yuzawa Kogen Beer place in Yuzawa is good too. Would like to know of more ji-beer places near resorts.
  4. Pretty wild, but true. This season has definitely seem some awesome weekday conditions. Twiki, where are you going out every day (he asks jealously)......
  5. Cool. Remings me of that article the Chairman of the Snowboard wrote on this site. I will find the link, hold on a sec..... Here you go http://www.skijapanguide.com/2002/features/chairman-16.html
  6. Been out over 20 times now. Another 10-15 I reckon. Off to Niseko next week for 4 days.
  7. I have never yet done any night time riding in Japan, and would like to try. Looking at that Goryu webcam on this site in the evenings, looks fun and looks like there's no one out there it is so empty. Ishiuchi Maruyama in Shiozawa is supposed to be good and lots of courses open. Any good recommendations for good nighta....and more to the point, is it any good?
  8. Just arrived in Yuzawa this afternoon. Loads of snow. Should be a great weekend sara. Already chosen Iwappara?
  9. It sure would if you ask me - let's keep it the way it is and only go to the resorts that do not have nazi patrol people chasing you up.
  10. Hey I just came back from Happo-one - thought I would give it another try.....and - loads of boarders there. I got a very different impression this time from my last time, which is a good thing. Also went to 47/Goryu which was awesome - just too much snow falling.
  11. It's just that the resort was late to open to boarders, and even recently has boarding restrictions, was and still is dominated by skiers and catered to more for them.
  12. I always enjoy a good 7-11 hot an-man on a winters day. They are surprisingly good.
  13. I have always thought this - they were slow to open up and still feel this way. Only me?


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