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  1. Hey guys , Thanks a lot on the info . Anyway , does anyone knows where to get rental cars with the ski Package near Yokohama ?
  2. Will be heading to Gala this Sat and this will be my first trip there . Does anyone have any idea on what kinda crowd i will be seeing and will the waiting time for the lifts be long ?
  3. I might be staying in Yokohama and have just started to do some boarding . Planning a trip to anywhere during the early Jan .Could i go with you guys ? Maybe meet up in nagoya before heading to Gifu .
  4. Gav , Do you snoeboard or ski ??? I am also planning for a trip up to Nagano for a 2 day trip . I am not so good at that but i still can board . what say you ??I am living in Yokohama .
  5. Would be planning to travel during this time to Nagano but still have not made up my mind where is good ?Cna anyone give me some advice on where is better ? And more enjoyable ? Shigakogen or Hakuba . Will only be me 4th time boarding and only know the basics . Never been to anywhere that is not crowded in Japan yet because i usually went on the weekends . Thanks a lot people .
  6. Actaully when i was over at Gunma during the last weekend , did not see any gaijin though . I think i am the only one there at that time . But guess i am not much different from the Japanese because i am also Asian . Have any been to Happo-one ??Is it good there?
  7. Will be planning a trip to maybe Hakuba first week of Jan. . Anyone interested ? I just started snowboarding and i think that i am HOOKED!!!!! But anyway , is there ay recomendation where is good for putting up a budget night? I hope it is Snowing there!!!!
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