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  1. I can think of many great days this year. Boys and girls this season rocked in fact every season rocks, remember this. Remember were we all first learned on shitty little hills or crappy rope tows of 150 meteres plus of vert. Then we elevated our game we advanced. Me I think back to those days and bless the fact that they allow me to do pretty much any thing I want to on snow those are my best days. As for this season DEC 27 to 31 Hakuba epic start snowed every day. Gifu Jan 7 thigh deep pow everywhere. Norikura Onsen Jan 20 21 wicked hiking Feb 9 to 12 cortina 3 days of fo
  2. Went to cortina for 3 days over the long weekend longest lift line ws 5 mins and the snow was waist deep. One word epic. Anyone else?
  3. Hey you talked about fat skis at nac I went to the site and could not find a goods for sale section there can you help. I have x screams now but they are short just for touring. 1080s for everyday fun pretty good in powder thats not heavy. w2hen it stepp they work well. Moonnick33@hotmail.com
  4. No but I watched my friend cut a rollover and cause a slide that half buried his best bud. I think the key mistake we make no matter how safe we think it is is almost always the same. We just get too dammed excited, your buddy should have waited until you were in the safe zone. I always tell my friends to do things like this but they always rush in big mistake. reflecking on this you werein bounds and thus the rat race. Take care play safe wear and bring the gear.
  5. Get with the program if you cant ride it all you suck, period. The best boarders in world can do it all and I know a few who rock the bumps better the skiers. Study the snow spend days skiing riding shit snow and stuffyou hate, cause if your ever get into riding off piste you just never know. PS resorts that ban anybody suck and avoid them like the plague. Nick
  6. Hey anynoe been around Gifu lately. Could you get into the trees yet or not. I Want to go to dynaland or Takasu next monday.Nick ------------------ Live hard do things your way
  7. First cortina conditions and what is the double black diamond club Nick
  8. If you want Info here you go. If you have a car then easy take the highway 2 hours north maybe less and then you pick. highway tokaihokuriku jidosha. If not dont worry good bus tours 2 3 and 1 day trips avliable at Alpen just try and they can help you. I paid 9000 yen last year from Kyoto. includes some food tickets rental discount did not use and a pass for the day. better than driving from here. what to choose to be honest I keep from telling too much because I like to keep the pow to myself but I will give you a good start. Dynland young hip but most trees end in creeks a lot
  9. Hey can anyone tell me anyhing about this place. My buddy found a seasons pass there for 2 man yen. He said they are building a big park this year. But the pics I have suggest.. well Help Nick ------------------ Live hard do things your way
  10. Going to hakuba over the holidays with some mates. Anyone know a good place to ring in the new year. Nick
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