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  1. I am in Anjo close to Nagoya Aichi. Nothing exciting!
  2. Chiemsee, I have them for 6 years. Never been cold and no damages at all. These are really strong and very comfortable clothes. I don't intend to change. It's like an old Jeans that you can't throw away!
  3. Hi Badmigraine, It is nice to find some people that also enjoyed the taste of a belgian beer. I would definitely recommand you the Orval, you can also try the Kasteel or Kwak but they are a little bit stronger (up to 11% for the Kasteel) These are quite difficult beers to find in Japan. If you're looking for another good one, you should try the DUVEL. Cheers!!
  4. Hi Wade, Sorry I was out for a while. If you like small rides in the trees, smaller station (and cheap season pass), Ontake area is really nice. Ontake is bigger but there are several smaller one around. I really like this area but sometimes I go to Hakuba for longer rides.
  5. I went to Mia Kaida Kogen, very small station near Ontake. Only one slope was opened but I would say that the snow was not too bad for the first time this year. I am looking forward for real Powder.
  6. Looking for the Best Beer? There's only one place to go... BELGIUM!! Indeed BELGIUM has more than 400 tasteful beers. I would recommand you the Trappist Beers (only 7 Beers are brewed by trappist monks in the World) OSUSUME: ORVAL, WESTMALLE, CHIMAY, ROCHEFORT and WESTVLETEREN. If you prefer the light and fruity beers you should try the Gueuze Bellevue, Fruits Defendus.
  7. Usually Hakuba, definetely the best Powder I ever had. I've also been many times to Tsumagoi in Gunma, and near Ontake in Nagano. Where is your prefered site? Do you know any good places in Hokkaido? I plan to go there with some friends and I am looking for advices on the best powder and tracks. [This message has been edited by Ben2 (edited 05 December 2001).]
  8. Hi Wade, I am also in Mikawa. I live in the "center" of Anjo. I often go snowboarding in Ontake or Hakuba with friends. Where do you go?
  9. Hi there, I'd like to snowboard in Hokkaido but I don't know where to go for HUUUUGE amount of Powder and the best off-track? Any tips? Thanks for your help!
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