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  1. How did Liverpool play in the end? I see Newcastle were down to 9 men... presumably they started with 11?
  2. Should be fun watching the final games though... which one to watch, Liverpool or City?
  3. Going all out for the goal difference. Hmmm, ended up not being a good idea! Can't understand why they didn't shut up shop though at 1-3 or even more at 2-3.
  4. Alarmists pointing out that a week or two before 3/11, a similar pattern in the same region of Gifu happened. It is unnerving so many all together, even if they are relatively small.
  5. I thought Newcastle would be near the bottom of the league given what people have said... but they're 9th!
  6. Wonder if it's just that it costs a fair bit to make the jibiiru, or whether they're just slapping on a ton of extra to the price?
  7. Been watching 666 Park Avenue. It's not particularly great, but some nice eye candy that has me keep watching.
  8. Are Pool fans a bit pissed with Gerrards attitude yesterday?
  9. Old Jamaica it's called, the Cadbury one.
  10. Dread to think how much that would be in the UK, muika.
  11. United can surely not be accussed of acting too quickly, the way the season has gone and the fact that there are absolutely no signs of improvement - if anything things were getting worse and worse. They were restrained in waiting so long.
  12. Really. Well it's not something I have ever seen in my time in Japan. hardly anything like a norm
  13. Did the guys walk round shops topless? I suppose there's less huge slobbering big fat blubbery fat bastards down there too. Not something you want to see in Tescos.
  14. I have watched all 6 in the last week. Never been that mad on the originals though I can cope with them. But the recent ones......if they weren't part of 'Star Wars' would many people have been in the least bit interested? Dont reckon. It's a real chore watching them and I couldn't give a monkeys about any of the characters.
  15. Been in Japan for quite a whole but I still don't know how they work out prices in those places. Not sure I want to know either!
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