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  1. Definitely been cut back but very little fuss about it on the news. You need to use 5-9 times in a month for 30% off, and 10 times or more for 50% off for the weekday evening discount.
  2. Just watched that now, lets hope there's lots of games like that.
  3. 40m wasn't it? Not specified if it was pounds, dollars, yen or other currency... gives the media lots of leeway with their made up stories!
  4. Never knowingly under-acted!! I liked him in Blackadder.
  5. Same sadly applies to UK, specifically Heathrow.
  6. Did that air conditioned shirt ever get released?
  7. 6 weeks before I escape. Quite a few uncomfortable train journeys and situations before then.
  8. Steven Seagal (Sounds like a movie with him in it)
  9. I see United are lumbered with Anderson again after an unsuccessful loan period. Madness that he's on 60000 quid a week, if that is to be believed.
  10. David Moyes, the former Manchester United manager, is under investigation by police after allegedly pushing a man who made a remark about his sacking outside a wine bar. Moyes, 51, was having a drink with a friend at the Emporium Wine Bar in Clitheroe, Lancs, when there was a scuffle involving a 23-year-old man, named locally as Joshua Gillibrand. According to witnesses, Mr Moyes, who was sacked as the Old Trafford boss last month, reacted after Mr Gillibrand “gave him some stick” about his poor record at the club. One fellow drinker described how Mr Gillibrand, who was standing outside the
  11. Keep watching the news, I'm sure it'll be on there.
  12. If I like, do they cost as little as 10,000 yen a year?
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