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  1. That pear cider is really nice. I remember you posted that before and I went and tried it.
  2. There's worse than that. Some of the Japanese brands, UCC. Terrible stuff.
  3. Blackpool have cancelled their pre-season trip to Spain to concentrate on player recruitment having been left with only eight contracted professionals after 27 players left the club this summer.
  4. Liverpool replacing Suarez with... Bony?! He was playing for Swansea wasn't he?
  5. Not a great game however you look at it. This World Cup the league first bits were much better than the last bits.
  6. Not that I'm actually really bothered to be honest.
  7. Yeah glad Holland won that. Feels odd supporting the Germans, but would prefer them to win the final.
  8. Suarez to Barca confirmed. For 57 million. Or 60 million. Or 70 million. Or 75 million. Depending on where you read it.
  9. Wow they really cut Brazil apart there. I thought Germany might win but wasn't expecting that!
  10. Doesn't 14 work days for you take you into late September, Tubby?
  11. A cunning plan. This manager is not exactly a softie is he. Sounds like he won't take any shit. Shoul be entertaining to have in the PL at the very least.
  12. Can't remember any massive deals where a quality player was swapped + cash. I doubt players want to be involved in that kind of thing.
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