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  1. Heavy rain and wind today here in the UK, remnants of a US hurricane.
  2. looks like last album was end of last year. no doubt well be hearing from them again soon
  3. Lots of stale sweat whiffs in England, backed up with sold old perspirant odor. And it's not even hot! People just need to bathe more/better.
  4. What exactly it a "portfolio" anyway - is that the sum of everything you have like cash in the bank, under the bed, your car and invested in a home etc?
  5. I know we had the daily bath thread but this is a bit different. UK. Bathrooms and baths. It's like a constant really bad fail. Even 'posh' modern ones. From the ridiculous idea of grubby carpets in the bathroom (old fashioned ones anyway); showers that don't work well; showers that are fixed in one position; water going everywhere it shouldn't meaning you can't have a good splash about.... why can't a country apparently get a bath right? Perhaps people just don't know any different and expectations are lower. Sounds like a business opportunity to me. How about other c
  6. Crunchy Nut Chocolate Clusters cereal
  7. Got a Black Sheep Brewery "Golden Sheep" bottle open here now. Nice.
  8. Young playing decent certainly seems like a come round.
  9. Thanks or the Mold report! Rural Yorkshire hols sounds nice. Have fun.
  10. Beer selections are pretty mindblowing aren't they.
  11. Funny, I often wonder why people give a crap about what phone other people use. It's like, does it matter at all?!
  12. Yesterday must have been the hottest yet.
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