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  1. Bought 2 cases myself. I like it more than 秋味.
  2. Silly question....buy! Buy! Buy! If you don't you'll regret it when it's no longer available.
  3. Going through all the Columbos the last few weeks, one a day. They really are great.
  4. Serious question about Tenjin gondola - does it go faster at peak times/weekends?
  5. If Welbecks finishing was better, he'd be a great player I reckon. Shame that it's generally been rubbish!
  6. I remember when Berbatov went, it was a ??? which 'Manchester' he was going to when he was on the plane.
  7. Bullshit or not? BREAKING: Falcao has reached an agreement with Manchester United, will become highest paid player in England
  8. Interesting transfer deadline day bollocks - United to sell van Persie and buy Falcao.
  9. I noticed that extra charge on amazon the other week... how does that work?
  10. As postage is free on anything over 3500 yen, might next time be worth splitting an order up into amounts over that but not by much. See if that changes it.
  11. "LVG says he wasn't shocked by the result tonight. That's quite an admission."
  12. Yeah those things are annoying. Thankfully, I haven't seen any in Japan.
  13. This maybe a silly question, but what happens after that 3 years?
  14. I see Southampton got back in front and beat Southampton. I'll stop that now.
  15. But Southampton scored to equalise. Can Southamption gain back the lead?
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