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  1. blinkin'ek

    Clearing bodies from Everest

    We should really call it Chomolungma.
  2. blinkin'ek

    All UK Flights Grounded

    I agree, that article does whiff a fair bit.
  3. Taking the Friday off so a full 7 days.
  4. It's the 'bitterness' that I really like, so I'll give that a miss!
  5. On the subjct of arses though, I do agree. If someone is a complete arsehole online, it's usually the case that they are in real life. Perhaps just exaggerated in that anon cloud of web life. Sad to hear about the accident btw.
  6. Love your pics ILZ. Please keep them coming!
  7. blinkin'ek

    All UK Flights Grounded

    Whats the excuse of hotels charging more in peak season? Same service, just milking as much as they can get. Slightly different of course, but still it's all down to getting as much $ as you can.
  8. blinkin'ek

    Back up your computer - NOW!

    Sadly, when I can be arsed doesn't work out so often. Must do more.
  9. blinkin'ek

    D’oh! Well done Homer!

    "introubulate" ?!?!
  10. blinkin'ek

    Good comedy DVDs

    Originally Posted By: rach Recently saw the most recent Ricky Gervais stand up, can't remember what it was called but out last year IU think. I didn't think it was that funny actually. Fame, perhaps? Not keen myself.
  11. blinkin'ek

    Cho-yummy things

    I like the new burger they have - can't remember the name - but it is bigger and the cheese is different. Don't know if it is a limited one but seems to be out for quite a while now.
  12. Didn't he commit suicide? Used to love some of their songs. Always HATED Japan and anything similar!
  13. In my experience it is no more busy than other big resorts. The most I have queued was at Kagura in Niigata, followed by Happo in Hakuba with Niseko (last season) coming in 3rd. Night time - different story, but that is probably because there actually is SOMETHING going on at night!
  14. Just catching up on things now - good story Mamabear. Hope his exams went well.
  15. Best to think of it as 'the norm' now, perhaps.
  16. I'd agree with you there. Went once a few years back, had fun, but it was enough.
  17. Fabulous. Might not have snowed huge in March but that early January heavy snow really did put the season on a good footing.
  18. Great. Not that I'm going. But I am planning to be there in 12 months time! I suppose there will be a few topups again before then.
  19. blinkin'ek

    The YOUTUBE thread

    Haha good that
  20. blinkin'ek

    PC... with 2 monitorss

    I never knew that was so simple. Might have a shufty at that myself.


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