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  1. blinkin'ek

    In Japan?

  2. I thought I would take a trip up there to see what it's like, and did yesterday. Beautiful blue skies but a little windy. Well the snow wasn't much cop I'm afraid, but that's part of the deal with this spring lark ain't it? But had a fairly decent day. It's a small resort. I recommend Kagura if you are planning to go up to the niigata region. Much bigger and from my memory better snow.
  3. A learning one - I found that out on Wednesday.
  4. blinkin'ek

    Off Topic - Anyone got an XBox

    Gamecube is by all accounts kiddy-land. Although they are getting the Resident Evil series/
  5. Some of them truly world class. The majority of them very very average. Many of them should not use the word "resort". But there's just so much choice within easy reach........not complaining.
  6. Interesting how this resort seems to get either really good or really bad reviews. Hmmmm,
  7. Not enough. I had to be out of Japan for a few weeks so havent been out for ages. Hoping to get quite a bit more in before the snow completely disappears.
  8. blinkin'ek

    In Japan?

    Been away for a few weeks, interesting to see that my "In Japan" still going strong! Will it ever die???
  9. Echo Valley is a pile of poo if you ask me.
  10. I was 12, wish it had been earlier when I started skiing.
  11. blinkin'ek

    In Japan?

    The longest thread on the site so far! Wonder if we can reach 100!
  12. Check out that GALA webcam every day - not many people around at all. It will be busier at the weekend of course, but probably not too bad at all.
  13. I prefer Hakuba. Here's why: - So much choice with resorts and runs; - Also gets great snow. (I think Niseko is hyped); - Much closer, translating to much cheaper
  14. Check out the Happo webcam now - 3pm Wed - only 2 people on the whole hill that we can see! $#$^#%^#%^
  15. If you go to almost any resort apart from the "biggies" you will find very few non-Japanese people around, maybe the odd one or two. Actually, may find very few Japanese skiers or boarders around too if you go on a weekday!
  16. Fairly decent place if you are living in north eastern Tokyo or Chiba region. Nothing spectacular - think they modeled it on some resort in the US (correct me if I am wrong folks).
  17. great will take a look - something else to keep me from working at work!
  18. I know I'll be flamed for this but does anyone else feel that the crap showing of snow so far this season means we're going to have a crappy snow season (ie not as much). Go on, start the flames!


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