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  1. Cheers mate - I hope so. I've emailed the motels I'm staying at but haven't had any replies. Damo
  2. Hi, I'm off to Nozawa Onsen & Myoko Akakura for a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone could tell me whether there is wireless internet access available anywhere ? Unfortunately I need to keep in touch with work whilst I'm away and don't know whether or not to take my laptop. If anyone could let me know what wireless services were available it would me much appreciated. I'm staying at hotels Aitoku and Kogakuro. Thanks a lot .... Damo
  3. Newcastle - Australia Getting ready to ride mountains of fresh Niseko pow for a couple of weeks in January
  4. Thanks for your help everyone - its sounds like eating in Japan will be an experience in itself !
  5. I'm going to Niseko for a couple of weeks in January and am wondering whether it's possible to buy things like muesli bars, apples, bananas, tinned fruit, chewing gum etc to put in the day pack and for snacks, or do I have to bring a bag load of snack food from Australia ?
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