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  1. sunrise... i dont think anything non-apple will sync up with itunes...but there are plenty other media juke-box players out there that are just as good... also, apple has a very tight pricing scheme...meaning its hard to find deals for much less than what is on the official apple web-site...the rio (and other manufacturers) on the other hand, will drop in price quickly (I got my karma for like 100 bucks cheaper than the official web-site figure)...my guess is the rio will be cheaper... danz
  2. hey mogski...db... next weekend...lets go! enough talk danz
  3. enderz...you really think he almost made the 2nd round??? man, I would bet that the fight lasted as long as it did because the networks told those 2 to stretch it out as long as possible...sapp was holding back his blows early on...akeboooono was pathetic...what a boring match... WEAK danz
  4. hope I don't offend the iPod camp but... check out the Rio Nitrus...they have a new 4gb model... Rio miniPod HD: 4GB 4GB Dim: 3.0x2.4x0.6 3.6x2.0x0.5 Bat: 16hr/charge 8hr/charge Wght: 2oz 3.06oz audio: mp3, wma mp3, aac price: $249 $249 I got a rio Karma recently (20gb) and have been very impressed...great player and much cheaper than the ipod version...battery life alone should be an eye-opener for the
  5. 14 for me...thanks to a 2 week adventure in Niseko... Amazingly, I went out every day, although there were about 3 days were I managed only a few hours... We shall see what the season brings...hoping around 30... time and $$$ permiting... danz
  6. another short review... Salomon Course XR Japan boots... I like these boots...way softer than my last pair (Head World Cup). Besides the appearance of a really annoying pressure point on the side of my foot (which thankfully disappeared after a few days), the boot did not cause me any major comfort issues. In fact, I can even keep them buckled for the entire day! This is something I could never do on any pair of boots I have ever owned (except maybe that first pair...rear-entry ... not much choice for buckled/not buckled in that case ). There were a few drops and bumps tha
  7. To all those interested... Just got back from my 2-week Niseko adventure...what a trip! Will get a journal entry going soon.... On to the gear. This was my first time on the Vokl V-Explosive. They are a fat twin-tip ski (120-95-112), 180cm long. I love em! First thing I noticed, well, they were really fat! I thought my upgrade last-year to mid-fats was a big step, but this is a whole different ballgame. At first I was a little intimidated...I didnt think I would ever be able to control them, or get them on edge...truth is they are a very responsive ski. Noticeably stiffer
  8. guess Ill chime in... I was in a fraternity...actually, a Co-ed frat...sounds wierd, but it is actually the only nationally affiliated co-ed greek organization...but enough about me, here is the process.... 1) Rush - everything starts with Rush. This is a chance for unaffiliated students (usually freshman, but in many schools sophmores) to get to know members of the various frats, learn about the frats themselves...it is also a chance for the fraternities themselves to get a good look at new potentials...and decide who they think would be a best fit 2) Bids - Towards the end of ru
  9. hey Toque!! wont be there until next week... so whats the word from the mountain?? have those snowman soldiers i see on the weather report showed up yet?? danz
  10. well sh!t! looks like we should have a proper sj piss-up... Im staying at the hirafu chalet...fattys is a cool little pub right next door...lets grab some beers and talk about the deep turns we made earlier in the day danz
  11. ...you stiffling b----!... ----- my favorite is Dredal, dredal, dredal.... danz
  12. maybe you dont want to hear what I am paying for 2-weeks in niseko (plane ticket...and 13 full skiing days)... 80,000 is steep bro! and you are spending half that time on a boat!! hope you can fill that spot... danz
  13. I think a rt from tokyo-ny will get you around 13000miles...you usually need around 25000miles for a free domestic flight....50k for international...upgrades are usually less (like 15000)... danz
  14. I have been collecting since airlines first started mileage programs....they really pay off... have used them mainly for domestic travel in the US (visit family and friends)...also for class upgrades, and once for a ski trip to france! good things those miles are... danz
  15. I have been playing around with the jukebox player called J.River Media Center...it is pretty amazing, and meant to handle all your media (images, movies, audio). It has tons of plugins to handle portable devices too like iPod... you can get a 30^day trial version from their site... www.jrmediacenter.com check it out... danz
  16. with all due respect....danz-beard 2004 was shot in march...it doesnt happen overnight you know.... danz p.s. f-you enderz!
  17. I am a little behind schedule with my "natural" face mask...but rest assured, it is coming in nicely, red hues and all...should be acceptable by the time I rock up to niseko... danz
  18. Quote: OH,, and what do you wear on super windy cold days on your face that doesn't make your lenses fog up?? a nice bushy danz beard ...... your base-layer should be nice and close to your skin...pretend you are going to a trance party in germany..... loose in general will probably keep you cold... danz
  19. a bunch of used used that last year after your reccomendation... excellent deal...only lunch ended up taking away time for all that powder! definetly hitting cortina sometime this year... danz
  20. my quiver... Atomic Beta Ride 10.20 Titanium 180 Volkl V-Explosive 180 and back at home in the US.... Atomic 10.26 (183) Rossignol 9sPro (191)
  21. thats wizards poo...and it helps me ski faster danz
  22. Salomon made a special Japan edition of the Course XR boots...becuase japanese feet are very special... and japan has 4 seasons... danz
  23. hehe...think I grabbed the last pair from minami sports (kanda/jimbocho area)...last year model so got a good price on it (at least compared to the new breed of fatties)...I am riding a 180...and that seems like a lot of ski to me now (only 2years ago I was on skinny 195s!!!) danz
  24. db...Im shocked! you, of all people, I expect to be very diplomatic and respectful you could have fired some firecrackers at him...that would have made a much better impression danz
  25. Fattwins... link??? I worry about you brother...don't worry, you will be on the snow soon...I know you can make it! danz
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