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  1. Mine are size 28. I got them from Sports Depo - I know I know, big sports chains give lousy service but we're lacking in groovy little specialist snowboard shops up here in Akita. That was the largest they had, and I think the largest size I've seen anywhere. Good luck with the 29+ search!
  2. I decided to go with whichever boots felt best on my feet. If it happened to be the switch ones I'd go with them, if not I'd go with something else. I went and spent a few hours in the snowboard shops trying every pair of boots on that they had in my size, and the boots that felt best on my feet were...... the Vans Switch ones I was looking at in the first place. "Oh yeah" I can hear you all saying, "you had already decided to get those", but honestly they fit better than any others I tried. They had a switch binding mounted on a board on the floor for you to try them out, and they felt really
  3. Akita City. For those people looking for somewhere to come in Japan, Akita's not bad. Got a few good (although not huge) resorts within a couple of hours of the city.
  4. First I'd like to say thanks for all the comments. It's good to get (mainly) reasoned opinion, rather than the usual "I'm right and you're wrong because I can use more exclmation marks than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!(!!!!!)", but...... ... I'm still not sure. I've looked other places, and people have come out in favour of them. One reviews site I came across: http://www.outdoorreview.com/Snowboard+Bindings/Step+in/Switch+Stadard+X+2001/PRD_85852_3146crx.aspx I guess you pays your money and you takes your choice. Me.... well, I'm going to spend some more quality time in as many local snowbo
  5. You don't get any little blue logo thing in Netscape. They obviously haven't gone in for gimmicks. Mind you, you don't get some bits of the new site in Netscape either! (like the home page most times you go there) Some cross-browser testing may be needed, ne?
  6. Thanks - it's good to get some sensible reasoned opinion. A couple of questions though. You say Switch only hold your feet at two points. One thing that attracted me to the Switch bindings as opposed to other step ins is that they say they attach at 4 points. I guess by this they mean the front and back of the rail that runs along each side of the boot. When you said they attach at two points where did you mean, or have they changed the setup since you used them? Just out of interest, did you use the n-type (no highback) or x-type (with highback)? For the same money (about 3-man
  7. I started boarding last winter, with a fairly cheap pair of second hand boots, and a board/ bindings package from one of the big chains. Fell in love with it straight away so I want to upgrade some of my kit this year. I like the look of the Switch step-in bindings, but there are lots of mixed opinions on step-ins all over the internet (mostly of the not very useful or informative "Step-ins rule man!!!" / "No way!!!! Step-ins suck big time!!" variety). Has anyone out there used Switch? What are they like? Good points / bad points? The ones I'm specifically interested in are the X-type, (w
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